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How To Remove Yourself from Group Text

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Communicating with several people at the same time and at the same platform is so convenient and time consuming.

We have an option of group texting for the same. Group texting is the great way to communicate with family and friends.  But a stage comes when these group texts become very irritating.

When your device gets flooded with messages, you feel like leaving the group. Luckily, you have an option of removing yourself from the group text to get rid of the unwanted messages.

Steps to remove yourself from group text

  • Open the group text you want to leave

First, open the iMessage (messages app) in iOS.

Now select the Group message you want to leave.

  • Select the ‘INFO’ button

Right tap under the status bar on the initials or images of those who are in the group chat.

After this, you will see a new-drop menu open that. There you’ll see the ‘info’ button, click on that.

  • Click on ‘Leave this conversation’

Once you tap the info button you will be redirected to the details section.

Select ‘Leave this conversation’ at the bottom of the screen. You will now be removed from group text.

Sometimes people are not able to leave the group text. This happens because they don’t get to see an option of ‘Leave this conversation’.

Remove Yourself from Group Text 2

Now the question is, why does this happen? What can be done if you are not able to leave the conversation?

Here, we have all your answers!!

Why ‘Leave this conversation’ option is not visible?

If you are not able to see ‘Leave this conversation’ option, it means someone isn’t running the latest iOS version.

The second reason can be someone in the group doesn’t have iMessage.

What else can be done?

If you don’t have an option of leaving the conversation, you can either delete the messages or mute the notifications.

You can mute the notifications by selecting “Hide Alerts”.

How to remove yourself from group text Android

Android users don’t have any option of removing themselves from group text like iOS users have. The only thing you can do is, ask the creator of the group to make another group without you being added.

Remove Yourself from Group Text 1

The only thing you can do is- mute the group text message. It is very easy and convenient to mute group texts

Steps to mute messages

  • Open your messaging app by tapping on it.
  • Tap and hold the conversation you want to leave.
  • Click on the ‘notifications’ button at the bottom-left of the screen.
  • You will now see a small mute icon that will appear next to the conversation.
  • Click on the mute icon and you’ll no longer receive the notifications.

You can even remove the entire group text from your messaging app

Steps to delete the group chat

Once you mute the group text, you will again need to tap and hold the conversation. You will then see the ‘Delete’ option at the bottom-right of the screen. This will delete the entire conversation.

No more unwanted messages!! With these simple steps you can now get yourself removed from the Group text or mute the messages.

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