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How to Hide Orders on Amazon App and Website?

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You may not want others to find out about your purchase history on Amazon thus you ought to know how to hide orders on Amazon. The reason could be anything to keep your shopping activity on the down low and delete or hide some or all purchase history especially if you use a shared account. You would be glad to know that it is quite simple and easy to do.

How to Hide Orders on Amazon App?

  • Open the Amazon app
  • Go to the Your Orders section and choose the item you want to hide
  • Click on View Order Details and then click on Archive Order to hide it
Hide Orders on Amazon App and Website 1

Please note that the hidden orders would not be removed from the account. It will not appear under the Returns & Orders section but would still be visible if you visit the account page and then tapping on Account & Lists>Archived Orders.

All the archived orders will be available there. In case, you want them back on the main list, click on the Unarchive Order button present next to the product(s).

How to Hide Orders of Amazon on Desktop?

  • Go to the Amazon website and log in to your account
  • Click on Returns and Orders
  • A list of all orders placed in the last three months will be shown here
  • Scroll to find the order you want to hide and click on View Order Details
  • Select the Archive Order to hide it
  • If you are meaning to hide orders older than three months then change the settings about the order details and choose the appropriate period
  • A total of 500 orders can be archived and can be viewed in the Archived Orders section

Use an Amazon Household account if you want to hide orders from family members or other users. However, this option is available only to Amazon Prime members. This account will keep individual purchase history, recommendations, and lists private and separate from the rest of the users.

How to Delete Browsing History?

Be sure from every corner if you want to hide your purchases. That means deleting your browsing history too since if anybody has to check that they will know what products you were looking into and possibly bought them too.

Hide Orders on Amazon App and Website 2

To delete browsing history go to Your Account>Account & Lists>Browsing History>Remove from View the product name you want to delete.

You can also click on the Manage History>Remove all items from view.

Stop Alexa

You need to be more aware if you use an Echo device as Alexa would automatically update on deliveries even if you hide the purchase history. Do this additional step if using the device:

  • Open the Alexa app
  • Tap More> Settings
  • Select Notifications
  • Choose Amazon Shopping
  • Uncheck the box mentioning For items in delivery updates under the Let Alexa say or show titles for items you’ve ordered

Sometimes you may want to hide a gift ordered for a family member to prevent ruining the surprise. Or you may not want a certain person to see what you ordered for privacy concerns. Thus, if you know how to hide orders on Amazon app, you would be able to do it easily. Although, you cannot completely delete the orders, hiding is a pretty good option too. Hope this article helped. Give us a like if it did or share with others to help them too.

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