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How to Get Verified on Instagram As A Musician

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Want to know how to get verified on Instagram as a musician? Keep reading this article till the end.

people want to get famous but not just famous, rather Instagram famous. We all know, if we see a verified Instagram account, we automatically assume he or she is very famous.

Those who have blue tick besides their profiles are already famous. But, do we know how difficult to get your account verified on Instagram?

Get Verified on Instagram As A Musician 4

Though the criteria and method is simple, don’t expect you can easily get verified on Instagram.

Highlights of the article:

  • How do musicians get verified?
  • Instagram verification for musicians.
  • Factors to keep in mind if you want a verified account.
  • How to improve chances of being verified on Instagram?
  • Why is it important to get verified on Instagram as an artist?

How do musicians get verified?

In order to get verified, you first need to prove that are a notable artist to get qualified. It will require various references like news sources to support your musical career.

Also, you need to be an active Instagram user with huge amount of following.

Instagram verification for musicians

First of all, you must have to be a public figure, brand, or a celebrity to apply for the Instagram verified badge.

After that you just have to follow the steps below:

Step 1

Open Instagram on your device and sign into your account

Step 2

You have to tap on the 3- line icon or the hamburger icon in the right top corner, and choose settings option from there

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Step 3

Now, just select request verification

Step 4

You will be asked a couple of questions in order to confirm your identity. Also, do provide your full name, Instagram username, and a from on ID

Step 5

After you are done with everything, press on send and Instagram will review your profile for verification

It in case your account doesn’t get verified at first try, you can re try this verification process again after 30 days. Make sure you the verification criteria.

Factors to keep in mind if you want a verified account


The Instagram account that needs to be verified must be authentic and of a real person


It’s important for the account to be unique


This is said to be the hardest criteria to meet. Instagram only verifies accounts that represent frequently searched individuals, businesses or brands, or well-known account.

Be complete

You have to make sure that your account is:

  • Public
  • Has a minimum of 1 post
  • Contains a bio
  • Has a display picture/ profile picture

Now, we will tell what all you can do to increase the chances of your account getting verified on Instagram.

How to improve the chances of being verified on Instagram?

Just Build up your followers and engagement

Although Instagram has nothing to do with the number of followers you have, but it can help you! If your account seems that you have a huge amount of fan following, your verification may take less time.

Get Verified on Instagram As A Musician 2

But there is no point of having followers if you are not engaged with them. Just make sure you post content on regular basis and the content you post is worth sharing.

It is always like: Increased engagement= increased followers.

Avoid cross-promoting your other social media accounts

It is said that one should always avoid linking other social media platforms on your Instagram account. As, Instagram views this step as ‘add-me’ spam. Its better to always be safer at your part.

It hardly matters you are already verified on some other social media platform. Instagram consider its own policy and rules.

Be Big news

Now, this is something to take care of. Instagram will consider your account for verification if you have been into some recent news mentions. It can be in an online news, reviews, or press features.

If you are claiming yourself to be an artist, then for sure you must be in some coverage previously. You just have to send the press releases or get in contact with local news agencies to do the same.

Instagram has now started to accept links to press releases and news articles during the request form stage. So, what are you waiting for?

Make sure you avoid bad social media practices

This one includes buying fake followers. Its not okay to buy fake followers if you want to get verified on Instagram.

Instagram refers accounts having fake followers as ‘unbalanced account’ with low engagement level. Also, this includes no spam comments and no spam content. The user just has to post the content that meets Instagram’s community guidelines.

Why is it important to get verified on Instagram as an artist?

If you wish to establish your presence as an artist, it is necessary to get your Instagram account verified. By doing so, you will gain more followers and it will also help you to broaden your reach. The people with a verified account have more credibility as compared to those who are just on the internet.

Get Verified on Instagram As A Musician 3

It’s not easy for you to get verified on Instagram. It will take a lot of patience and hard work to maintain your profile and get verified. Just make sure you post content that create interest among people and is worth sharing. This will also let you to enhance and improve your brand with time.

Now, you must be aware about how to get verified on Instagram as a musician. Authenticity and uniqueness are the main elements of getting verified on Instagram. Also, make sure you don’t post bad content on Instagram. Your engagement and content should be worthy.

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