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How to Fix Computer that keeps Disconnecting from Wifi?

So you have recently upgraded your Windows 10 system to Windows 11. But while you can enjoy added features, you may also face a weird issue where your computer keeps disconnecting from WiFi.

Well, if so, you are not alone and most users switching to Windows 11 have been complaining of this issue. Having a stable and fast WiFi connection is a mandatory condition whether you want to play games or do your official work.

Here is a quick guide on how to fix your issue of getting disconnected from time to time.

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How to Fix Computer keeps Disconnecting from WiFi?

  • Turn off and then turn on the Airplane Mode to first disable and then enable all the connected radio devices in your device. You can access the Airplane mode by pressing “Windows + A” button and then switch on the toggle that says “Flight mode”.
Airplane Mode

Keep it on for a few second and then turn it off once again. Now check if your computer keeps disconnecting from WiFi.

  • Troubleshooting the Internet connection on your device can be another way to fix the issue of computer disconnection. Open the ‘Settings’ app, go to System and then Troubleshoot.

You will find the ‘Other Troubleshooters’ option which with a drop down menu showing ‘Most Frequent’ menu and Internet Connections tab.

This will enable Windows to troubleshoot your issue automatically. If it doesn’t get fixed yet you can try some other method.

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  • The ‘Connect Automatically’ option is another way you can set your Windows 11 to connect the internet automatically when your WiFi is within the range. Here too, you first need to go to Settings and then select WiFi Connection Properties from the WiFi tab.

You will find “Connect Automatically when in Range” option which you need to click on. The problem should resolve.

  • You can also try reconnecting to the WiFi network to fix the issue. Click on “Windows+ A” and select the Arrow Icon that occurs beside the WiFi. Right Click on the WiFi tab and click on ‘Forget’. This way your password will be forgotten and your WiFi will be disconnected completely from your device.

After a few minutes, switch the WiFi on and enter your password once again. Check if your device is getting disconnected or not.

  • If you have been switching between a number of WiFi connections or network connections, it is possible that a lot of unnecessary data is getting accumulated by HCP and CPIP parameters that is causing conflict in the network connection.

The elevated CMD Prompt needs to be reset in such cases which should resolve the issue.

  • The Network Adapter Settings also can be reset in order to fix the issue of your computer getting disconnected from the WiFi. For this, you require going to the Settings app and then select the Network and Internet option.
computer keeps disconnecting from w

Select the ‘Advanced Network settings’ option and then click on ‘Network Reset’ and then ‘Reset Now’ options. This will reinstall the adapter settings and the main network components will be reverted to their default state.

computer keeps disconnecting from wifi windows 11 2
computer keeps disconnecting from wifi windows 11 3
  • An inconsistent Domain Name System or DNS can be another reason for WiFi getting disconnected. This can be fixed by flushing out the current DNS.
  • Enabling WLAN AutoConfig Service can be a good way to fix WiFi disconnection issue. This is the service that looks after your WiFi connection on Windows 11 devices. If it is by default set to ‘Disabled’ or ‘Automatic’, the WiFi issue will keep cropping up.

In order to fix this, click “Windows+R” to Run Window and then type ‘service.msc’ which will lead you to the Services window. Once you scroll down, you will see the ‘WLAN AutoConfig’ service which needs to be double clicked to open.

Now select ‘Automatic’ under the Startup type and then click on ‘Start’ and OK to enable it immediately. Now restart your device and check whether the problem persists still.

Summing Up

Therefore, the next time you see that your computer keeps disconnecting from WiFi on Windows 11, you do not need to run to the technician. Try any of the above methods and your problem should be fixed within minutes.

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