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How to Find Out An Unknown Caller Number on iPhone

Incoming call from an unknown caller ID and wondering who the caller is; we all have been there. Most of the time, these calls are coming from spam bots but it’s important to know as several fraud cases are happening from these calls. In this blog, we will provide you with some tips on how to find an unknown caller number on your iPhone so that you can maintain your privacy and security properly.

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Tips to find out unknown caller number on iPhone

1. Install a caller ID app

It is the simplest way to identify an unknown caller ID on your iPhone. These apps tap into databases and help you to identify a caller ID with its associated names. You may install them by following some easy steps on your iPhone. Some popular caller ID apps you may know are True Caller, Hiya, Mr. Number etc. Here’s how you can install these apps:

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  • Install the caller ID app you want to download from Apple App Store
  • The app will want you to provide access to your contacts and call information. Grant the access.
  • Whenever you receive a phone call, the app promptly shows the name of the caller ID and other information on your phone screen.

2. Dial *69

If you don’t want to install any third-party apps on your phone, then dial *69 after you receive any unknown caller number. You can easily find the name and address of the caller ID. But before doing that make sure this procedure only works if the caller ID is listed on a public database. Otherwise, you can’t find the ID by dialling this number.

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3. Activate silence of unknown callers

If your iPhone doesn’t provide the *69 dial feature, then the most recommended way is to activate silence unknown callers on your iPhone. This feature will automatically silence incoming calls from any unknown caller ID though they can leave voice messages for you. If you are unaware of this feature and don’t know how to activate it, then follow the below steps:

  • Go to the settings>tap phone on your screen
  • After tapping the icon, select silence unknown callers button and enable it
  • If it’s green it means it has been enabled. Now your phone won’t ring for every unknown call.

4. Report the caller

You can also report the caller ID by contacting your phone carrier service and blocking them permanently.  Dial *57 to report an unknown caller ID after receiving the call. You will be connected to a law enforcement officer who will help you to track the caller ID and report them. Remember it’s not a free service and it will charge a minimal cost from your phone balance. If you still can’t track an unknown caller ID, then contact Apple service. By contacting customer service, you can get a whole list of phone numbers incoming and outgoing from your phone.

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That’s some tips to find out an unknown caller for you. Continuously receiving calls from an unknown caller ID can be frustrating and dangerous as well. If you are facing any situation related to this, immediately block and report the number and try not to receive it. Hope you find this article helpful. If you know any other process to identify an unknown caller ID on an iPhone, then let us know in our comment section below. Be safe and aware!

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