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How to Send Robux to a Friend

Are you thinking of sending a Robux on Roblox to your friend? Agreed, sending a Robux will be an amazing gift to make your friend feel special. However, technically you can’t send Robux to anyone as it is not permitted. Even if you have balance in the account, you cannot send Roux to a friend. However, don’t be hopeless. There are some ways that might require your time and effort. Some of these might help you find some ways of how to send Robux to a friend.

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What is Robux?

Robux is a type of in-game currency which is mostly used and purchased by gamers to enhance their gaming experience. It is mainly used to upgrade the avatars and gaming tools. You can purchase Robux from its website with real money starting from $ 0.99 for 80 Robux or through gift cards available in many retail stores.

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How to send Robux to a friend 1

Can I send Robux to my friend?

Before stating any fact or theory, let’s just get it straight that you can’t send Robux to anyone. Robux doesn’t allow you to send it directly. Instead, it will recommend that you purchase game passes or a donation t-shirt to help your friend who needs Robux. It’s their way to make profits and maintain the economy of Robux balance. Now if you are still wondering how to send it, follow the steps mentioned below to know more about sending Robux.

How to Send Robux to a Friend?

1. Purchasing game pass or donation t-shirt

It’s the easiest way to send Robux to your friend. You just have to purchase a game pass or a donation t-shirt from your friend. Before doing that make sure your friend has an active Roblox premium membership. First of all, your friend has to make any item or a donation t-shirt up for sale on the website. Then go to your account> tap on Avatar’s shop and find the specific item by searching your friend’s name. Make sure that the item belongs to your friend and purchase it. That’s it, the process is complete. Your friend will get the Robux within three days of the purchase being made.

How to send Robux to a friend 2

2. Create a Robux group

 This step will take your time and effort but once you have done it, you can successfully send Robux to your friend. Now follow up these steps:

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  • Create a group on Roblox and invite our friends to join. It will cost 100 Robux from your account.
  • From that group, go to the store and tap on manage group items. You have to select an item or a designed t-shirt for sale.
  • After selecting, upload your item on the website. It will cost 10 Robux from your account.
  • After uploading the item, tap on the gear icon on the same screen and click on configure. Here you can write the description of your item or give a name.
  • Now fix your Robux amount for the specific item. You will get 70% of the amount after selling the product.
  • Now wait for it to be sold. If anyone purchases your item, make sure to check if the funding process is completed or not. Once completed, click on the three-dot icon on your group and tap configure. Then select payout>one-time payout and add participants of the group to whom you want to send Robux. If you select one participant, the Robux amount will automatically be sent to the friend and if you want to select multiple friends, then the Robux amount will be split equally between them.

3. Send a gift card

If the above processes seem too complicated to you, then sending gift cards will be the only option for you. Here’s how you can purchase and send a gift card to your friend:

How to send Robux to a friend 3
  • Enter your friend’s name and details
How to send Robux to a friend 4
  • Tap on the specific amount of gift card
  • Click on to select the type of currency you want to use
  • You can also send a message with the gift card
  • Add it to your cart and pay the amount.

These are some processes you may use while sending Robux to your friend. The processes are tedious but once you can complete it successfully, surely your friends will admire your effort. Make sure to follow the guidelines of Roblox and enjoy more gaming features with Robux. If you find this article helpful, share it with your game lover friends and do not forget to comment on your experiences in our comment section. Happy gaming!

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