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How to Download BGMI without Google Play Store or Apple App Store

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PUBG Mobile has been one of the most popular mobile games ever. Game geeks all around the world are crazy about it. Regrettably, PUBG Mobile is banned in India. However, it was soon replaced by BGMI. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India was launched in July of last year. It has taken over the place of PUBG Mobile. This multiplayer game can be downloaded from the official stores. Additionally, let this article discover how to download BGMI without Google Play Store or Apple app store. 

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Can BGMI be downloaded using third-party apps? 

Whenever we think of downloading an application, we think of third-party apps. These apps are not official websites but let users download applications in APK format. These apps are mostly used to download applications which are not available on app stores. Or when one wants to download an alternative to a particular app. 

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Nevertheless, the act of hacking or utilising other third-party applications to get an edge not only damages the experience, but also has an effect on the reputation of that application as a whole. 

How to download BGMI without Google Play Store or Apple App Store 2

BGMI is under a tremendous amount of pressure to provide a level playing field for all players. Mobile games like BGMI and other battle royale applications must be fair as competitive gaming and esports gain popularity. As a result, BGMI has made it a priority to limit the usage of third-party applications to obtain an unfair edge. 

Therefore, BGMI announced that using third-party apps could cause a permanent ban. 

The question of how to download BGMI without Google App Store or Apple App Store rises again. If not third-party apps, then how can this app be downloaded? Well, the answer is the official website. 

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Download BGMI from the official website

There is no other way to get the game since it is only available through the official website. Just recently, BGMI added a third way to download it.

BGMI’s new method allows gamers to get the game from the website. One can now download the game using the website’s APK button.

The creator of BGMI, Krafton, claims that not only is the game now much easier to download, but it is also a lot smaller in file size.

The website build is about 600 MB in size, whereas the Play Store version is about 860 MB.

This can result in less storage being made available for the game. 

Steps to download BGMI APK file

Follow the given steps: 

  • Go to the official website of BGMI. 
  • Tap on Download BGMI APK file. 
  • The OBB file will now be downloaded. 
  • Install the game. 
How to download BGMI without Google Play Store or Apple App Store 1

If you already have BGMI on your phone, the data will be updated if the latest version is installed over the running game. 

Just follow the steps above and restart the game after completing the process. 

BGMI and Krafton are well-known brands. Notwithstanding, there are certain harmful apps that encourage users to install unauthorized applications. We recommend considering official app stores as they contain many security procedures to keep viruses out of apps.

As this article comes to an end, now you know how to download BGMI without Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 

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