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Here is How to Transfer PUBG Account from Google Play to Facebook

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PUBG mobile, the most loved and played game in recent times. All PUBG players are aware that its important to know how to transfer PUBG account from google play to Facebook.

PUBG players spend a lot in game to buy UC. If there comes a need for them to switch their PUBG account from one platform to the other, they may lose all their UCs. Not only this, but they will have to start their game from the scratch.

The pain behind this will only be understood by someone like me, who has been play PUBG since a very long time. I personally will get disheartened if I will have to face this ever. Considering this, I am here with a solution for all of us playing PUBG mobile.

In this article I will tell you how to transfer PUBG account from Google Play to Facebook.

How to transfer PUBG account from Google Play to Facebook

  • First of all, open PUBG on your device
  • Once opened look at the bottom to the right of your screen, you will see an up facing arrow
  • When you click on this arrow, you will see settings
  • Now tap on settings and scroll down
  • At the end you will see Account and safety option
  • Go to Account and security
  • After this you will now see Linked option with an option to add one more
  • Once you click on plus sign you will see two options: Facebook and Twitter
  • Add the account you want to link
  • Doing so will transfer your Google play account to Facebook

Now, what to do if this doesn’t work?

You just will have to install a VPN app in your device

Connect your net to the fastest VPN

After you will connect the VPN, follow the same steps mentioned above

You will then be able to use all your items and UCs you had in your Google play account. Everything will be transferred as it is.

We all know PUBG Mobile is banned in India. Last year, Indian govt. banned a lot of Chinese apps including PUBG Mobile. All the PUBG players especially, game streamers were disappointed with the decision.

This was because these people had already spent so much on the game. It was not easy for them to go with this decision of not playing PUBG anymore. There was a lot of posts against the Indian govt. after this news of PUBG getting banned was confirmed.

However, people managed to play PUBG even after the ban. This happened because of VPN. They played PUBG using VPN.

However, after a while an Indian version of PUBG was released. Everyone had a doubt that it will not be as good as the PUBG that was banned. After the game was launched people realized that it is the exact copy of PUBG Mobile. The game was named as BGMI- Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The best part about the game was it had an option to transfer all the data and UCs from PUBG Mobile to this Indian version.

Several people did that and started playing BGMI. Now, there are still many people who are playing PUBG Mobile and want to switch to BGMI. But these people don’t know how to transfer all PUBG Mobile data to BGMI.

These people can take help of this article and do the same. Below I am providing you with all the steps to transfer PUBG data to BGMI

How to transfer PUBG Data to BGMI

Follow the steps to transfer your data:

  • Firstly, Install the BGMI app on your device
  • Now open the app
  • After you open it login to the app using the same social media you used while logging in to PUBG Mobile
  • When you do so, you see an option of Account Data Transfer
  • You will just have to click on yes
  • A pop-up dialogue box will appear
  • It will ask for the permission to transfer all your PUBG data to BGMI
  • Read all the terms and conditions
  • Once you log in to BGMI, you will see all your previous data in the new game
  • You can customize your character and change your BGMI game name

Now another issue PUBG players face is that their game sometimes doesn’t work properly. They might miss some of the features or controls while playing the game. Also, if you experience performance issues on your device, we have a solution for that too.

Use Repair button to fix issues in BGMI

Now, the question is where Repair button is located and how do we use it.

Follow these steps to fix game suing repair button:

  • First of all log in to your BGMI app
  • Now just go to settings and look at the left corner of the screen
  • You will see Log out option
  • Click on that and you will be logged out of BGMI
  • Then on the right side you will see repair button
  • You will just have to click on the repair button
  • There you will see options of Routine repair, restore default setting and much more
  • Just select the option you think will work to fix your game issues
  • You are done

You will now be able to play game very smoothly.

NOTE: You might also have to download your maps again but only in some cases.

All the problems I faced while playing PUBG Mobile and BGMI are here. I am sure all the players must have faced these issues at least once.

This article has everything you should know to play BGMI or PUBG mobile without any issue.

So now you know how to transfer PUBG account from google play to Facebook and how to play PUBG Mobile even if it is banned in India.

You are now also aware how to transfer your PUBG Mobile data to BGMI. If you have any other issues, you can comment down below, we’ll come up with the solutions to fix it.

You may also comment if you have any other solution to the problem mentioned above!

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