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How to Completely Uninstall an App on Mac in Different Ways?

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Get to know how to completely uninstall an app on Mac correctly because it is not as straightforward as you may think. The main app may be gone when you drag and drop an app into the Trash, then empty it but it leaves behind several associated files and folders. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to completely delete an app and its residual files and folders.

How to Completely Uninstall an App on Mac?

Use dedicated uninstallers if the app you plan of deleting has an uninstaller. Do this before trying to do it manually. For instance, most Adobe products and Flip4Mac come with an uninstaller. Some apps like Adobe’s Flash Player have uninstallers that can be downloaded off the Internet.

Open Finder and click on Applications. Open the folder of the app you want to delete. If the app is not in a folder it is unlikely to have an uninstaller. Double-click on the uninstaller tool of the app. Follow the instructions to remove the app.

How to Uninstall Apps & Their Files Manually?

Find the app you wish to delete and drag it to Trash. Usually, the app will be in the Applications folder but if you are unable to locate it use either Finder or Spotlight.

Depending on the app you are uninstalling, you could be asked to enter your admin password to dispose of the files properly in Trash. Right-click on the Trash icon and choose Empty Trash. You may also open Trash and click on Empty followed by confirm.

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Although you have uninstalled the app you have not gotten rid of all the files associated with it like framework, cache, and PLIST files. To get rid of these files open Finder and select Go in the menu bar. Hold down on the Alt/Option key to fetch the Library option and then click on it.

Inside the Library, you will find a cluster of folders including some files related to the deleted app. Go inside each folder to find the files related to the app you deleted and then delete the same.

Be careful of not deleting any wrong files from the Library as that could harm your other app by slowing them down, wiping information, etc.

How to Uninstall an App Using the Launchpad?

Open the Launchpad app available in your Applications folder. Click and hold the app you mean to uninstall. Click on the X and select the Delete option to confirm.

How to Uninstall an App Using a Third-Party Uninstaller?

You can also use a third-party app to completely uninstall an app including its orphan files. You just need to download, install, and launch the app. AppTrap and AppCleaner are two such apps. Follow the instructions to get rid of any app from your Mac using third-party software.

Watch this video on YouTube to understand more clearly how it is done.

Hope you found our article on how to completely uninstall an app on Mac useful. Please share to help others in need. If you are still unable to get rid of an app completely and permanently from the system then it might be a virus that you need to get rid of using a different process. Let us know if you would like an article on how to remove viruses from Mac.

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