You may want to know how to check Instagram login devices because you are suspicious of somebody else misusing your account. It is quite easy as it is an in-built feature in the app that helps to track Instagram login devices. This should be done to keep your profile safe and avoid misuse. In this article, the way to check Instagram login devices will be shared, which you can follow as and when required.

How to Check Instagram Login Devices?

Here are the two easy methods of checking Instagram Login Devices:

Method I

  • Open the Instagram app
  • Tap on the profile icon on the bottom right to visit the profile section
  • Open the Settings page by tapping on the hamburger menu
  • Go to the Login Activity page by opening Security settings
  • Here you would find Instagram login devices

Method II

  • Open the Instagram app
  • Tap on the profile icon on the bottom right
  • Open the Settings page by clicking on the hamburger menu
  • Click on Security
  • Click on Access Data under the Data and History section
  • Find Account Activity and click on View All under Logins
  • All the login details will be visible will the exact date and time, which would give you an idea of whether somebody else is accessing your account or not.
check instagram login devices 1

Instagram will be able to show the exact location of any device from where the account is logged in provided the device’s GPS was on while logging.

Check this Youtube video to learn the method hands-on.

Good to Know Facts

What is Instagram Login Activity?

This is an activity screen that users see when they attempt logging into Instagram during a session. This is to guide those who are new to the platform and do not know how to log in and thus need assistance.

Does Instagram Send Notification when Accessed from Another Device?

This is a great relief for people using Instagram. If Instagram notices any discrepancies with login or finds out inappropriate activities are being done, it will notify you through email. It will also change the password and pass on the information to you. Any kind of illegal activity regarding login is monitored by Instagram.

Why Does Instagram Say You are Logged in Somewhere Else?

If you receive a message or email telling you are logged in from somewhere else, it is because of Instagram’s strong security system. Instagram notices your account being logged in from somewhere else, which is not the regular device and accordingly send a notification in your registered email or phone number. If you are a person logged in from elsewhere, then well and good, otherwise you will know if somebody else is accessing your account unauthorized.

This is all we have on how to check Instagram login devices. If you found this article useful let others know as well by sharing it on your social media accounts. Let us know in the comments below if you find any difficulty following the steps which is quite easy otherwise.