As summer sets in, power cuts have already begun. Along with power cuts come the constant fluctuations that can prove fatal not only for home appliances but also our smartphones.

Adding to the drama is the work from home decision to control the ever-rising COVID cases. Work from home means one has to always be available, and with electricity outage, it becomes difficult to keep the smartphones and laptops charged. If you are wondering how to charge a phone without a charger or how to charge a phone when electricity is out, then this article is for you!

Here are some tips on how to charge a phone without a charger

Use power bank/ portable chargers

All modern power banks have enough capacity to fully charge your smartphone. All you need to do is to plug the charging cable into it and into your phone and turn it on.  Portable chargers are a saviour when travelling. 

Do remember to keep your power bank charged so that you are able to charge your phone when the power is out.

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Use laptop’s USB port

Use laptop’s USB port

 All you’ll need is a USB port compatible with your device to charge your phone without a charger.  You can either plug your phone into your laptop for a quick charge or find alternate USB ports that can help you charge your phone to make emergency calls.Some smartphones charge faster if you switch to ‘flight mode’ while charging.

Use AAA battery

If you are thinking how to charge a phone without a charger, then this method will surely work. Unlike the power that comes from the wall outlet, the power in common household batteries is no different from that used by your cell phone or camera battery. Remove the battery from the device.  Now, get some AA, AAA, or 9-volt batteries. Then, ascertain the positive and negative connectors on each battery. The final step is to match voltage of your battery which need to charge and other battery

Tip: Do not use this method to charge iPhones.

Use hand-crank chargers

A great alternative to portable chargers and power banks, hand-crank chargers do not demand any electrical power at all. All they require is a little hand workout. To charge your phone using a hand-crank charger, plug your charging cable into the charger and into your phone, and keep cranking until you have reached a usable charge. 

Use your car

Using your car as an option is a no-brainer. If you have a charger that plugs into your car, then you can easily charge your phone while the car idles. Get a car charge that suits your handset and you’re good to go.Just remember to do it safely.

Use eco-friendly solar-powered charger

Use eco-friendly solar-powered charger

If you are wondering how to charge your phone without electricity, then solar-powered chargers are a safe bet. It only requires sunlight to work. It is the sunlight that charges a battery in the unit, which can then be used to charge the phone. There are some solar chargers that charge the phone directly. You can simply plug your charging cable into the charger and into your phone.

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Use wireless charger

wireless charger

What happens when the phone’s battery starts running low and you happen to be caught in the middle of a load shedding period? You use wireless chargers. This solution for how to charge a phone without a charger only works for smartphones that support wireless charging. This method is indeed the easiest of all and requires no commitment from your end. Just put phone on the charging pad., and wait for the wireless charger to do its magic.

Use wind turbines

Another way to power your cell phone is with the wind. Wind turbine technology has come a longway, and you can recharge your phone with the wind with the K3 Wind and Solar Mobile Charger. Although they are hard to find, the truth is that portable wind turbines prove quite useful in charging phone without a charger or even when there is an electricity outage.

Apart from the above-mentioned charging methods, there are many experimental ways that you can charge your smartphone – using your body heat or cooking heat, electricity converter, landline, etc. Do you know of any other method to charge a mobile besides using direct electricity? Please share your views and insights right here! Do let us know how you charge your phone without a charger.


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