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How to Change Writing Style in Phone in Four Different Ways?

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Wondering how to change writing style in phone? Well, one of the best things about Android OS is that it allows customizing device interface. Thus, Android smartphone users can customize the appearance of their device as per requirement. You can choose from a variety of options to change the font style as well as the size on your phone.

How to Change Writing Style in Phone?

There are several ways to change the font style and size. Given below are some of the methods:

I. Using the Built-In Settings- Not all smartphones will be equipped with this feature. For the phones that have the option, the changes can be done from the settings. The exact pathway differs based on the Android OS, brand, and model of the device but in general, go to Settings>Display and then look for options mentioning font style or type. Confirm the style and size you want to apply the changes.

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Some brands also have a dedicated app from where you can download different types of paid and free fonts. Once you have installed any font, it is immediately ready for use.

II. Swap Fonts with Launcher Apps- If you do not like the available fonts on your device, you can change the same. Download different launcher apps and experiment with them for free. This is one of the best tweaks you can make on your Android device without rooting it.

Some of the popular launchers worth trying are Action Launcher, Nova Launcher, GO Launcher. Each launcher has several fonts pre-installed. You can download one or all the launchers to change the fonts at different times.

III. Use Custom Font Apps- If you are not in favor of using launchers, being an Android user, you have the choice to use font-specific apps. You can download them from the Google Play Store. You have a lot of options to choose from. Some of these apps are made for changing fonts on social media apps.

IV. Change Fonts after Rooting the Smartphone- If you want to open the font options, rooting can be done on the Android device. Rooting the smartphone will open the control and then it will become easy to download and install fonts. This method involves certain risks as well. Thus, if you do not know how it is done, better go to an expert for help or gather genuine information on the step-by-step method of doing it.

There are different font apps as well that work on rooted devices. One such app is iFont. If you have rooted your smartphone, you can use this app to change the font. This app features 13 languages.

Depending on your requirement, different degrees of customization can be done when changing the font is concerned of your Android device. All the methods provided in this article on how to change writing style in phone will prove useful to you over time irrespective of your current need. If you found this article helpful please feel free to share it with others.

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