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How To Change My Birthday on Facebook After Limit

We all are aware of the limitations that Facebook has kept on its privacy policy. The basic question that comes by fb users is ‘How to Change My Birthday on Facebook After Limit’.

Facebook does not allow people to keep updating their information at regular intervals. This is due to their security reasons.

So, it is always recommendable to add your original information. This reduces the chance of facing issue with Facebook. Sometimes Facebook even ask you to use your ID or official document to confirm identity. This helps to prevent risks such as impersonation or ID theft, which keeps you and Facebook community safe.

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We might have to change our personal information for some reasons. Before looking at ways to change birthday let us first look at the possible reasons why will people change their birthday information.

Possible reasons why people don’t add their original birthday information

  • When they first made the fb account, they didn’t know they won’t be able to update it easily later, so random DOB was added
  • To get a job they might have to look younger or older than their original age
  • Facebook ask the new users If they are above 18, people below this age add fake DOB to make account
  • To not tell people about their original birthday

These are the only possible reasons why people do not add their original DOB.

Don’t worry, we know you are here because you can only change information for a certain limit and now you can’t update it. You must be thinking “how to change my birthday on Facebook after limit”, so here we are to help you out!

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Before that let us see how to change birthday on Facebook in settings

How to change birthday on Facebook

change my birthday on facebook after limit 1
  1. Open Facebook app on your device
  2. Login with your id and password
  3. Once you are logged in, go to see your profile option
  4. Under your profile you will see ‘see your about info’
  5. Click on about info and scroll down to basic info
  6. Select the option to edit basic info
  7. There you will see your birthday info, change accordingly and update

These were the steps to change your birthday if you have not exceeded the limit. Let’s move on to ways to change birthday if the limit has been exceeded.

How to change birthday after limit

It becomes difficult to change birthday information after a certain limit.

You have only one option of getting in touch with Facebook through ‘report a problem’. There you will have to mention about the problem you are facing and send your queries. They might contact you through mail or messenger to resolve your problem.

NOTE: you will have to give valid reasons and proof.

This will not work every time. For that we will provide you with the link to directly change your birthday on Facebook.

You can directly login into your Facebook account from your device or pc.

The link is: Facebook Support 

Here is a video tutorial to help you change birthday on Facebook

Facebook’s birthday rules

Though you can change your birthday details on Facebook, but you can’t change is freely. There are few restrictions when it comes to Facebook birthdays. These are:

  • Your birthday can only be changed once every two weeks
  • In total, you can only change your birthday three times
  • Once you exceed this three-time limit, you cannot change your birthday
  • You will have to contact Facebook’s customer support team
  • If you change your birthday to a date that makes your current age younger than 13, you may be banned from Facebook

Why do we need to add real Information on Facebook?

The major reason to keep your real information on Facebook is ‘security reason’, for Facebook as well as the user. Facebook can ask you anytime to verify your account with your information and that’s when the user can face a problem. If the user will not be able to poof his identity, he can lose access to his own account.

change my birthday on facebook after limit 2

If you go against the Facebook community your account can be blocked. You will then need your documents to access your account again. But for that it is mandatory that you have same information on your fb as well as documents.

Facebook is very particular about its privacy and security. In today’s time, every platform asks the user to keep their information real.


Safety is highly required to maintain a Facebook account. The most frequently asked question ‘how to change Facebook name after limit’, now has an answer.

Now when we have updated you with the Facebook policy system, you need to be very careful while adding your information. Be very specific about your details, always be real with it.

This will help you in case you ever lose access to your account due to any reason.

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