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How to Cancel Yelp Ads Effectively: An Outright Guide

Special ads known as Yelp Ads are displayed on Yelp’s website and app. They are an integral part of Yelp’s automated ad system. These ads enable regional entrepreneurs and marketers to reach out to potential customers directly by promoting their brand name.

For a small business owner, having good reviews on Yelp is as crucial as any other local marketing strategy. Therefore, businesses use Yelp ads to reach their potential customers. If you are a small business owner and your ad was running on Yelp, you must be wondering, how to cancel Yelp ads. 

In order to make your Yelp advertisements work with your marketing plan, we’ll go over how you can change or remove them at any moment.  

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How to cancel Yelp ads: some prerequisites to follow

There are some prerequisites you need to keep in mind before you cancel an ad on Yelp. you need to know about the type of ad campaign you were running. Here are the popular types of ad campaigns that run on Yelp:

1. Non-term contract program: You are free to remove your Yelp advertisements at any moment. You now have the freedom to cancel campaigns whenever you choose so that Yelp users will no longer see them.

2. CPC ad campaigns: Yelp will delete it entirely if you cancel it. 

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3.   Paid upgrades or products: The cancellation date is recorded as the termination date.

How to cancel Yelp ads 

You must cancel the non-term contract programme using the desktop site. The steps are as follows:  

how to cancel yelp ads

1. As soon as you’ve logged into your Yelp Business page profile, go to the Billing page. 

2. Go to Your Products and select Manage. 

3. To cancel a campaign, click the Cancel button next to it. 

4. Verify that it was cancelled.

That is all about the process of how to cancel Yelp ads which are non-term contract programmes. 

How to cancel Yelp ads via phone

how to cancel yelp ads

The simplest approach to cancel Yelp Ads is to contact their customer service team at (855) 380-9357. Just call them and ask their team representative to terminate your Yelp Ads service. Their call centre is open for operations from 6 am to 7 pm on weekdays. You can contact their staff at any moment between this chosen time.

How to pause Yelp ads

Since you know how to cancel Yelp ads, you must be aware that the cancelled ads are permanently deleted. Instead, you could pause the Yelp ads. According to Yelp’s advertising programme, you can only pause adverts one time, so decide deliberately. 

You may pause Yelp advertisements via the mobile application or on the desktop site. You should be aware that the procedures differ depending on whether you access your Yelp account from a desktop or an app. 

Pause Yelp ads using a mobile application

1. Login into the application and scroll down to Yelp Ads.

2. Select the option that appears to End Campaign.

3. Click the trash can under the Click Advertiser product. 

4. If you have an active boost promotion, you must confirm that you want to cancel it. Continue by clicking the button.

5. A poll will appear, inquiring about the reason for the cancellation. Select the appropriate cause for cancellation and then click Next.

6. Select the option to pause your ads and then the resumption date.

7. To confirm, click the Pause and Redeem Offer button.

how to cancel yelp ads 1

Pause Yelp ads using the browser

1. From your browser, go to Yelp for Business. 

2. Current customers should choose the “Edit Link”

3. To access the Advertiser Items Clicks, tap the trash.

4. If you have a promo code, select “Continue” to remove it.

5. Pick a survey cancellation explanation.

6. Press the “Next” button.

7. Employ an offer to pause the advertisements.

8. Select your chosen Resume Date.

9. Click the “Pause” button.

10. To confirm your pause, press the “Offer” button.

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These were the steps you need to follow to pause Yelp ads. After following the process, you will receive an email confirming your pause.

Before cancelling your Yelp ads, make it a point to follow the guidelines mentioned in your agreement. You may easily traverse the cancellation procedure by following the step-by-step guide provided above. 

Don’t forget to take care of any unpaid invoices, and get formal confirmation of the cancellation. Now you know how to cancel Yelp ads effectively. All the best for your future marketing strategies.

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