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How To Block Inappropriate Websites on Android?

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Are you also worried of the websites your child comes across? You should definitely know how to block inappropriate websites on Android.

Internet is an essential tool for communicating and for accessing information. More than adults, children and teenagers have started to use internet nowadays. There is a reason why parents are advised to keep their children away from the internet. If not keep them away but at least have a check on their activities.

While accessing internet, it’s quite possible that children reach inappropriate websites. These appropriate sites are adult sites or porn sites. Recent studies have revealed, the more your children watch pornographic content, the more are the chances of an increase in their aggressiveness.

We know we can’t stop anyone from accessing internet because it has become a necessity. But we can still make these inappropriate sites inaccessible. Read further to know how to block inappropriate websites on Android.

How to block inappropriate websites on Android?

Enable Safe Search

Enabling safe search is the easiest way to block inappropriate sites on Android. This feature secures browsing and ensures that children don’t accidentally discover adult content.

This option is available in all browsers like, chrome, Firefox, DuckGoGo, etc.

How to enable safe search

This is for Google chrome; other browsers also enable this in almost same way.

  • Open Google Chrome and tap on the three dots in upper right corner
  • Go to settings and choose privacy and security
  • There you will get Safe Browsing option

Google Play Store Settings

Google play also has an option to restrict children to access inappropriate apps and games. These apps and games are those which tend to cause aggressiveness in children.

Besides games and apps, Google paly store also ha movies and books which may have adult content.

How to restrict access on Google Play Store

  • Open Google Play Store and click on your profile in the upper left corner
  • Select settings and look for ‘family’ option
  • Open it and turn on Parental controls
  • Set up the PIN and you are done


Use OpenDNS

OpenDNS is the best DNS service in recent times. Along with improving the browsing speed, it also blocks pornographic by default.

OpenDNS not only block pornographic sites, but also blocks sites that spread hate, show violent content and disturbing images. There are several apps on Google Play Store like OpenDNS Updater, DNS Switch, DNS Changer, etc. you can choose any. 

Let’s take DNS changer

1.     Install DNS Changer from Google Store and run it after installation

2.     You will now see an interface with multiple DNS options

3.     Select OpenDNS to use it

There is also another way to manually replace your ISP’s DNS WITH OpenDNS server. You just need to work extra to do so.

Let’s see how

·    Go to Settings, then Open Wi-Fi

·    Open advanced settings for your home Wi-Fi

·    Change DHCP to Static

  •  In IP, DNS1 and DNS2 addresses, enter:

 IP Address:

 DNS 1: 

 DNS 2:

Norton Family parental control

This is a Google Play store app. It helps parents to keep an eye on their child’s online activity and control it.

It also has the ability to observe their online activities, messages, and search history. Along with this, when kids try to go against the rules set, the app sends notification immediately.

It’s a premium app, but it can be used as free for 30 days on trial period.

CleanBrowsing App

The CleanBrowsing App is not currently available on Google Play store. But you can get the app from its official website.

It can block adult sites from the internet and is very easy to use. This is an Android app which implements DNS blocking to restrict inappropriate sites.

As a parent, this article will help you to monitor your Child’s activity. You can make sure they don’t use inappropriate websites.

We have provided you the ways using which you can know how to block inappropriate websites on Android.


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