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Want to Know How to Check Scam App? Here’s How

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From watching videos to shopping, most people today use the internet for various things. While it can be fun to browse on the internet, it can be dangerous too. Some hackers try very hard to make you download a fake app and in turn get access to your important personal details. So, if you want to know how to check scam app, we’re here to help you.

Firstly, as the number of malicious practices in the market is on the rise, you need to be sure of an app before downloading it. Most spammers make duplicates of the original apps and force you to download them. This allows hackers to enter into your device and gain access to all your details.

How to check scam app?

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Here are a few ways you can identify if an app is a scam.


We recommend you research thoroughly before downloading any app. Also, look for the developer’s name at the bottom of the app and then Google it. A credible developer is likely to have a website as well as other important details on the internet.

App permissions

Make sure to read the app permissions and notice what access the app is asking for.

Review and ratings

Do read the reviews and ratings before downloading any app. This will help you know if the app is a scam in case users have reported it in the comment section.


Look at the design of the app to know whether it is good or bad. Generally, a good design indicates that it is a good app. However, if you find spelling errors, mismatched fonts, etc., it is more likely to be a false app. That said, do look for any legitimate description of the provided by the developer.

Download count

Download count will help you know how many times the app has been downloaded. Typically, a fake app is likely to have fewer downloads than the app it is copying.

How do I detect scam apps on the Apple App Store?

In addition to the above points, do check for the star ratings for each app.

While you may consider an app having 4.7 stars more trustworthy than an app with an average 1.7-star rating, it is not so. As not every star rating comes with a written review, it is relatively easier for malicious actors to game the system or buy the ratings to tip the scales.

So, a good way to know if you’re downloading a credible app is to check out the 1-and 2- stars review first. Check these to see what specifically made people dislike it. You may find negative uses who are simply complaining because they didn’t understand how an app works. However,if several users are complaining about stealing money or the app failing the claims, you should reconsider your decision.

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Additionally, you can insist on a free trial to avoid getting cheated. Both Google, as well as Apple Stores, have terms that require developers to offer trial subscriptions to their services. Also, these policies require developers to disclose how to cancel a subscription before a user gets charged.

Typically, apps offer a three-day free trial for any subscription-based service that allows you to cancel before you get charged.


While there is no full-proof way to defeat app store scams, you can rely on recommendations from people you trust. Avoid trusting ratings blindly and do make sure to read reviews before downloading.

So, that’s how to check scam app. Do share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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