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How to Block Adults Websites on My Phone in 6 Different Ways?

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When you have children or family around, adult content popping up on your screen can be horrifying. Malware is a huge cause of viral content making way into our screens. Many users get vulnerable to “How to block adults websites on my phone?” Well, in this article we will discuss six different ways to do it. You may decide which one you like best based on your requirements and use the same.

How to Block Adults Websites on My Phone?

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Method I: Turn on Google SafeSearch

The best way to block porn on an Android device is to enable the Google Safe Search feature which blocks explicit or inappropriate videos and images from Google Search. It offers a protective layer against malicious content. You can turn this on and off on every web browser. Once set, it will start blocking harmful images, videos, and websites while browsing the Play Store or the Internet.

Set Google as Your Search Engine– Check the settings of the browser and ensure that Google is set as the default search engine.

Enable SafeSearch– On your smartphone, open the Google app and tap on the gear icon. Scroll down and tap on Search Settings and click on “Filter explicit results” under SafeSearch filters.

Check and Recheck All Devices Periodically– Do the above steps for all devices you need the SafeSearch on and check the settings regularly.

Method II: Implementing OpenDNS

Using OpenDNS effectively blocks any website with inappropriate content. When you use your Internet, it uses the DNS of the ISP. However, if you replace the same with the DNS of OpenDNS, then all the traffic will be filtered through their servers that will block adult websites.

The IP addresses for OpenDNS Family Shield are:


The service blocks pornographic content that includes “Tasteless”, “Pornography”, and “Sexuality” categories. Anonymizers, proxies, phishing websites, and certain malware are also blocked by this service.

Method III: Use Google Play Restrictions

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Whether you want to block adult apps for kids or yourself, you can do so on the Google Play Store. Open Settings of the Google Play Store and choose Parental Controls. Turn on the feature and create a PIN to block the content that you do not want. If doing for children, you can set age restrictions based on their age for different categories.

Method IV: Install a Safe Browser

Download a safe browser as an alternative to traditional ones. Such a browser would have blocked most of the adult content already and would allow safe content only to be downloaded. So, make it your default browser.

Method V: Enable Web Filter

You can enable any web filter that you find satisfactory as the same would block any adult content or porn site. Choose something which will allow you to customize site access. Different web filters cater to different needs. Choose accordingly.

Method VI: Install Parental Control

If you are doing this for your kids, you can install any parental control app on the device which will monitor all activities like browsing history, text messages, emails, calls, videos, photos, emails, contacts, GPS location, social media apps, etc.

Hope you are clear on your question, “How to block adults websites on my phone?” All of these methods are extremely effective. Let us know which one you have decided to use? Feel free to tell us in the comments section below if you have any other suggestions on the same.

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