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How to Backup WhatsApp Data and Enable Security Features in 2022

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WhatsApp is an application used everywhere around the world. It is a part of day to day lives. WhatsApp enables one to chat, send photos or videos and do video calls.

As this application acknowledges how valuable chats are to users, it enables the ability to save a history of chats on Google Drive.

There is an automatic backup option provided by WhatsApp to backup WhatsApp data. Users can choose daily, weekly or monthly backup option.

However we still get worried about losing the chats and photos. So here is a quick guide to backup WhatsApp data in Android and iOS.

Backup WhatsApp Data on Android

WhatsApp data is quite valuable for all. So, to ensure that the data is safe, Android users can backup WhatsApp data to Google Drive. Let’s dig in deep into the step to do so.

  1. Open WhatsApp on Android smartphone.
  2. Look for three-dot menu on the main screen.
  3. Tap on it and go to Settings.
backup WhatsApp data 1

4. Click on Chats and then Chat backup.

5. Select Backup to Google Drive.

6. Choose a frequency for backup, excluding Never.

Set the frequency by choice. An option “Only when I tap Back up” is also available. However, we recommend not going for this option as the user will have to manually go to Settings and backup WhatsApp data.

One will have to open a Google account if they do not have it already.

Lastly, select a network to backup WhatsApp data.

We recommend choosing Wi-Fi network for backing up data. It will not only save cellular data but will also perform the process in speed.

Backup WhatsApp Data on iPhone

As Android users can backup their data in Google Drive, iPhone users have their data on iCloud.

Here’s how to backup WhatsApp data on iPhone.

  1. Open Settings on WhatsApp home screen. This button can been found at the bottom right corner.
  2. Look for Chats menu and open Chats option.
Backup WhatsApp Data on iPhone

3. Tap on Chat Backup.

4. Click on Back up Now.

To proceed further, tap on Auto Back up. Here, choose frequency to backup WhatsApp data.

Enable Security Features for WhatsApp Back up

WhatsApp allows it’s users to add an additional level of security for the reason that data will be backed up to a third-party service. In consideration of that, Google Drive enable end-to-end encryption.

To enable security features for WhatsApp back up, go through the steps mentioned below.

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to More.
  2. Then, open Settings.

3. Under the Settings, look for Chats.

4. Open Chats option and tap on Chat backup.

5. Go to End-to-end encryption backup option.

6. Tap on Turn on.

7. Here, either construct a password or use a 64-digit encryption key.

8. In the end, click on Create in order to create end-to-end encryption backup.

By following these simple steps any user can create an end-to-end encryption backup.

Google Drive and iCloud are a safe enough option to backup WhatsApp data. However, users sometimes are still not sure about the security and safety of their WhatsApp data. In that case, third-party apps are also available.

Some of such apps are:

1. Sync.com

Sync.com is one of the most trusted cloud storage options. It comes with 2TB space. Along with high security it is compatible with both PC and smartphones only at $8.00 per month charges. It also gives 5GB free storage.

2. pCloud

pCloud and Sync.com are similar in many ways. pCloud have it’s zero-knowledge encryption feature. It is a simple, safe and fast cloud storage option. If one is willing to pay an extra amount for their data security, this is an option worth considering.

3. Icedrive

Although it is a newly launched storage provider, but can be compared to Sync.com for its functioning. It does not compromise in safety and security it offers. Users also get 10GB free data storage.

Bottom line

WhatsApp is capable to backup WhatsApp data and enable security features. It aligns nicely with Google Drive and iCloud. There are very less chances of WhatsApp chats and photos to get vanished even after back up. Furthermore, if one is still worried regarding security of their data, third-party storage provides could be utilised.

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