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How Long do Mobile Phone Companies keep Records in India?

Ever wondered why telecom companies maintain call records? Worried if someone can use your call records to manipulate you? Wondering how long mobile phone companies keep records in India? Want to know who all can access your call records? In this article, we have tried to answer all the above-mentioned queries to save you from unnecessary fear and tension.

According to the latest guidelines by the mobile phone companies in India, the records or call data are stored for six months. The records kept by mobile companies usually consist of things such as how many calls a person has made, which network used, time and duration of calls, etc. This is very different from phone tapping as the conversations are not recorded here. Further here, we will find out more about how long mobile phone companies keep records in India.

Why is it important for telecom companies to keep call records?

It is mandatory for telecom companies to secure call records for a specified period as these can prove instrumental in legal proceedings and court cases. Not only this, they can also be beneficial in tracing lost mobile phones, stolen phones, trail necessary information, and for solving criminal and non-criminal cases.

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The stored records contain crucial information, including:

  • How many calls an individual has made
  • Calls have been made to which all numbers
  • The time and duration of the calls
  • Which mobile network or tower is received while making a particular call

Data Retention by Mobile Companies in India

In India, mobile companies and telecom providers usually store the records for six months or 180 days. These call records can only be accessed through particular mobile companies. No one else has the right to inquire or pass information about an individual’s call records without a legal order from the court.

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These records require a humongous amount of space to store them, that’s why they are usually stored for a shorter duration of time like for some days. Whereas, the longer duration records which are for months can only be accessed by the particular mobile company. Like for instance, if Airtel has kept mobile records of a particular individual, then it will be kept with the same company only.

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As per the current guidelines provided by the government to mobile companies in India, they can go beyond 6 months to store records if required. 

Ways to get mobile call records without the court order

If you need to access someone’s call records for personal use and without involving the jurisdiction or court orders, then only the particular mobile company’s customer care can help you with it. If the records are needed for a valid reason, such in the case of theft, then the mobile company can grant access to share the particular call record.

We hope that this article clarifies how long mobile phone companies can keep records in India. Let us know if you need more information on this topic. Our team would be happy to provide all relevant details.

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