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How do you Fix Yellow Spots on Your Phone Screen?

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If you are like me, you probably wake up with a cell phone and sleep with one. With that come challenges of over-use and miss-use. That causes yellow spots on the phone screen.

These spots are more common when the mobile has been to several phone service shops for repairing or any other work. Under the display, one observes yellow spots. There is a copper component that causes the sports when the display gets heated up. A copper bar heats up due to high voltage and causes a delightful yellow stain on your smartphone.

Do you find yellow spots on your mobile phone screen?

How does this malfunction looklike?

Recent smartphones are not immune to this trouble. Users of devices from brands such as Apple, HTC and Samsung have complained about it. Phones that have been used for two years or more can witness such a defect.

yellow spots on screen 1

Yellow spots on phone screens can be on any surface. That’s why it is recommended to carefully examine the gadget while purchasing. Generally this malfunction is visible on a white background, like, if the search results are open. The intensity of the defect could be different — sometimes it may look like a slight darkening on the display closer to a brownish tint. At other times, there are bright spots that feel like oil or glue had been spilled under the glass.

How to solve yellow spots from the mobile screen?

Let’s look at how we can fix these stains on our phones. It needs to he noted that the methods that have been described below are not suitable if this malfunction is caused by a mechanical damage. For such cases, only a complete replacement of the display can help. It can be done at any service centre easily.

Spontaneous detection of yellow spots

In this method, we will require a special program (such as Screen Fix Deluxe for smartphones only).It launches high-speed change of pixel colours in the desired area. Sometimes, this can help to remove the yellow spot on the phone screen, but it may not solve the repeat event of a factory malfunction of the mobile display.

If this doesn’t help, you need to contact the warranty service or service centre.

Yellow spots due to overheating of the smartphone

If this defect is caused by high temperatures, you can cool the device to alter its effect. For this, you need to turn off the device and put it in an airtight bag. Now place it in the refrigerator. This method is helpful but there is one caveat — the temperature in the chamber must be kept at least +8 degrees Celsius to solve this issue.

Manufacturing defects

Any stain that results from a manufacturing defect may occur during assembly of the display and very often it looks like a stain caused by moisture ingress. The manufacturer might have chosen the wrong length of the screws. Due to this, they rest against the back of the display and it may lead to the compression of the films together.

This spot is shown in an oval shape and it does not get changed at different angles of inclination. By the same principle, stains are being formed from the ingress of foreign outside objects such as sand.

Sometimes, after the smartphone or tablet cools down, they no longer take their original shape and a stain may get formed in place of overheating. Most often, spots from overheating appear at the ends of the display and it can throw a yellow tint. This spot seems darker in the middle and it brightens closer to the edges.

Display malfunctions

Often when a mobile phone falls, it hits the screen. This results in the image getting disappeared – a sign of a broken display. A spot of this origin most often shows up as an irregular shape. Many cracks can diverge from this single spot. If you press on it accidentally, the size may get increased or the shape may also get changed.

Using the microcircuit, which is located on the loop, the transmission of the image to the display can be controlled. The controller breaks down from mechanical impact, like from any strong fall or impact. A liquid can also damage it.

yellow spots on screen 2

If the controller gets damaged, the image may disappear altogether. In this situation, the screen becomes completely white or black. But more often than not, when the controller breaks down, multi-coloured vertical stripes may appear. If you press on the screen, the strip configuration will change.

It may also happen that the image disappears only in one place on the mobile display. This spot will have clear boundaries, and the rest of the screen will just display a normal picture.

  • Please avoid the below things to keep your mobile clean and safe
  • Strong heating from any external sources like a stove, fire, battery etc.
  • This may happen due to the fault of a faulty battery or processor
  • Falling of the mobile from more than a very normal height
  • Strong blow to the mobile body from the side direction or directly to the display
  • Long exposure to direct sunlight as this can affect the screen directly
  • Any liquid ingress in the mobile or on its surface

Use screen stain removal software

To remove yellow spots from your phone screen, you can install a special application which is Dead pixel detect fix. You can download this program from the market without any cost.

Using this application, the phone is checked immediately for suspicious spots on the display. If any speck appears while the gadget is being used, then one needs to install the application, launch it and then select the “Fix” setting. After this put the phone on charge and wait for the morning. As a rule, in the morning you can observe all screen defects disappear.

There are many ways to remove yellow spots from your phone display:

  • Use a cooling solution coating
  • Apply an ice cube to the macula
  • Replace the battery or smartphone.
  • Update phone firmware.
  • Replace the current display module.
  • Replace the temperature sensor

These are some basic and very practical steps to remove yellow spots from the mobile screen. We still recommend that it is important to keep your mobile safe and clean.

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