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9 Easy Ways to Fix Overheating Issue on iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 is equipped with the best features capable of supporting extensive use. However, users have complained of the device getting overheated repeatedly. Over heating can hamper the phone’s efficiency and cause undue inconvenience.

Those buying the iPhone 12 after paying a premium price are prone to find the issue irksome. There could be a number of reasons behind this, but most of the times, the issue is related to excessive battery drain. In this article, we have enlisted the tips to fix overheating issue on iPhone.

How to know that your phone is getting overheated

Look for these signs that indicate that your iPhone 12 has overshot the normal temperature threshold:

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  • A warning message is displayed on the screen signalling that the iPhone needs to cool down before it can be used again.
  • The heavy apps especially those involving a lot of graphics crash frequently.
  • The screen display keeps on turning dim or sometimes, completely black.
  • The camera flash stops working temporarily.
  • Charging becomes slow or gets disabled completely.
  • The signal also becomes weak as the phone may try to save on power.

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9 tips to fix overheating issue on iPhone 12

Overheating is not uncommon in the iPhone 12. If you are also facing the problem of the device getting hot, follow these simple tips on how to fix overheating issue on iPhone 12.

Restart the phone

The first step to fix any issue on a smartphone is to turn it off and start it again. Restarting the device can resolve the minor software problems that might be responsible for overheating. To fix overheating issue on iPhone, turn off the device for a while and allow it to cool down.

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Remove the faulty cover

Try removing the phone’s cover to check if it is causing the phone to overheat. Bulky cases trap heat and obstruct the flow of air, which leads to a rise in the device’s temperature. It is a good idea to separate the cover and wait for a couple of minutes for the phone to cool down.

Check the MFi certification of the charger

A charger that is not MFi certified can cause damage to your iPhone 12. Therefore, look for the certification on your charger to ascertain if the charger is the culprit. Invest in a good to charger to enhance the longevity of your phone.

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Charge in Airplane mode

The iPhone 12 is bound to heat up a bit while charging. Enable the airplane mode before charging the device to avoid the apps from indexing. This will reduce the burden on the phone and prevent it from overheating.

Turn off Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh drains the battery of the device as it allows the apps to be active in the background and frequently update content. Disabling the feature can fix overheating issue on iPhone to some extent.

Background App Refresh

However, it also means less recent app alerts and notifications. You can disable Background App Refresh by going to Settings> General > Background App Refresh and then turning off the feature.

Remove all storage and battery consuming apps

Always declutter your phone and get rid of apps that you haven’t used in a while. Heavy gaming apps and intense video editing apps do more harm than good to your iPhone 12.Update the apps frequently since older versions tend to crash more, putting pressure on the iPhone’s battery.

You should also force stop background apps from time to time to avoid excessive consumption of battery. Simply go to App Switcher and close all apps that you are not going to use anytime soon.

Turn off the location services, Wi-Fi, mobile data and Bluetooth

A simple way to fix overheating issue on iPhone is to disable all these services when not in use. If your iPhone is constantly searching for the available mobile, Wi-Fi and other networks even when you don’t need them, it may not be good for the phone’s battery.

Update your iPhone to the latest iOS version

software update

Sometimes a bug in the software or a certain app might cause overheating. iOS updates are intended at resolving software errors and improving the performance of the iPhone. Search for an update by going to Settings > General > Software Update. Downloading and installing the update might fix overheating issue on the iPhone.

Reset app and iOS settings

Resetting the iOS settings to default may serve as a solution for the overheating problem. But before you choose to remove the current settings of the iPhone 12, make sure that you have correctly diagnosed the problem.

Resetting will not remove any media or data, but it will remove all network settings and passwords, location or any other preferred settings. To reset all settings, open Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings and enter the passcode.

If nothing works, go to the nearest Apple store to find a solution to the overheating problem.

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