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How Do You Delete Your Followers on Pinterest?

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We know Pinterest is a platform where we can visually share ideas. People post their interests and ideas, posting here is known as ‘Pinning’.

Anyone can follow you on Pinterest if you have pinned an interesting content. But sometimes you may not like a Pinterest user, and you want to delete that follower of yours.

Let us see how to delete followers on Pinterest?

How To Delete Pinterest Followers

Sadly, there is no option of deleting a follower on Pinterest. There is nothing you can do to stop them from following you.

Then what else be done?

No worries! You can still keep them away from your Pinterest. Pinterest has an option of blocking people, and blocking is an extreme measure.

delete followers on pinterest 2

Once you block someone on Pinterest, they can’t interact with your pins and follow you again. Also, previous comments and follows between you both will be automatically deleted.

NOTE: Previous likes and pins are not deleted, but they can be manually removed.

Here’s how you can block someone on Pinterest:

  • Login to your Pinterest profile
  • Look for the user you want to block
  • Tap on the flag in the lower- right corner of the profile info
  • It will expand the report menu
  • Now click on the block option

Your follower is now blocked. You will no longer have the small flag icon in the bottom-right corner.

Chances are you blocked a user out of anger or frustration and now you want to unblock them.

Here’s how you can unblock someone on Pinterest?

  • Navigate to the blocked Pinterest user’s profile
  • Look for ‘more’ button
  • From there click on unblock option

Besides from blocking a user on Pinterest, you can also unfollow them. If you think their posts are of no use for you don’t worry, just unfollow them.

Follow these steps to unfollow someone on Pinterest:

  • Open your Pinterest app
  • Tap on the icon of your profile
  • Go to following (different location on android and iOS)
  • Tap on pins or boards
  • Underneath board you follow, tap ‘unfollow’

And here you go, you will immediately unfollow the user.

Let’s look for a reason why would someone want to delete a follower on Pinterest?

If maybe because of privacy concern, or due to some arguments and grudges. If there’s a particular post that forced you to block someone, you can now avoid that.

delete followers on pinterest 1

You can make a Pinterest board private. This allows only you and the ones you invite to see a ‘private’ or ‘secret’ board.

If you wish to make a new secret board, just create a board, and change it to ‘secret’ as you name it.

Below are the steps for the same:

  • Tap on ‘saved’ in the bottom-right corner of the screen to take you to your profile
  • Hold and select on the board you want to make private
  • Slide your finger over ‘edit’ icon.it will turn red and you will see ‘edit’ on your screen
  • Lift your finger off the screen
  • Tap on the toggle button next to ‘Keep board secret’
  • Now the board is private or secret and out of sight of anyone who isn’t invited

This article will solve your problem!

You can easily block, unfollow Pinterest users.

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