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Here’s What IIT Madras 3D Printed House Is All About

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IIT-Madras startup Tvasta has developed India’s first 3D printed house. Created by alumni of IIT Madras (2016 Batch), the 600 sq. ft. single-story home has a functional space encompassing one bedroom, hall, and a kitchen.

The IIT Madras printed house has been developed in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity’s Terwilliger Centre for Innovation in Shelter and was recently Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. During the inauguration, Sitharaman said she was impressed with the infrastructure, “The ‘housing for all’ scheme by 2022 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a ‘huge challenge’ in terms of meeting the deadline.”

IT Madras 3D Printed House 2

India needs such solutions which did not require much time. FM went on to add, “With the construction of a conventional housing being very complex. With this new concept of building a house in five days, I don’t think it will be a massive challenge for building 100 million houses by 2022.”

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What is 3D Printed House?

According to Adithya V S, Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions co-founder, the latest concrete 3D printing technology is a ‘ready to implement methodology’ that demands no lead time on manufacturing, thus reducing construction time. He said, “This technology can enable deep personalisation of construction for the ultimate target segment — who is the individual. 3D Printing can ensure that affordable, good quality housing is available to all Indians.”

IT Madras 3D Printed House 1

 The technology used in designing and developing IIT Madras 3D printed house is the first to be beneficiary-led in the construction industry.  With this technology, the total construction cost can be reduced significantly and even the time of building can be cut down. Also, it helps in bringing down the carbon footprint.  All machinery including borewells and other equipment can be rented out, thus providing large-scale, high quality and also, price assurance for the customers.

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