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Don’t Miss Meesho With These Reselling Apps in India

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As people start living their lives virtually thanks to COVID-19, online spends have increased. According to an ROI Revolution report, ecommerce has surpassed levels that were not expected until 2025 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The April 2021 report says that ecommerce is expected to bring in over $843 billion in sales this year.

Indian ad firm GroupM, ad spends are likely to increase 23.2% in 2021. Here, digital publishers will be the biggest winners. According to the GroupM report, digital advertising spends could reach Rs 27,700 crore. This is 28%more compared to last year. TV ad spends are expected to rise by 18%to reach Rs. 35,914 crore.

Clearly, this is a good time if you want to become a reseller.It is zero investment and can give a steady income. Meesho is a globally-recognised app that has gained immense popularity as a reseller. However, it’s not available in India. If you are looking for such a part-time opportunity, here some of the best reselling apps in India .

Benefits of online reselling apps like Meesho in India in 2021 

Best online apps in India in 2021 can be easily downloaded on the smartphones – mostly free of cost — and need no major investment. Reselling apps have gained popularity because they have helped thousands of people to earn an extra income, while staying within the comfort of their home. Most of these apps can be downloaded free of cost. Moreover, such apps are easy to install, require no further skill and qualifications.

Reselling Apps in India 1

These apps cater to a larger number of audiences so you are able to access a much larger marketplace. A little strategising and prompt action can go a long way in stablising your business.

However, it is notable that in the initial stages of your enterprise, reselling apps work best when you try to sell the products within your social circle with a nominal margin on each product.

Top Reseller Apps 2021 in India

Glow Road Reseller App 

Glow Road provides a unique platform for young women entrepreneurs and people to start their online businesses. This app is a networking website app that presents a plethora of opportunities for female entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

Glow Road Reseller App

They also make use of social networking sites such as Facebook and WhatsApp groups to get mark events and get updates on exhibitions in your city.This helps small-scale business enterprisers, owners, beauticians, boutique owners, other small-scale businessmen, and college students to grow and expand in no time. It promotes wholesalers and suppliers to contact you and help you find better opportunities. 

Sellers find this app easy to use with a great user interface. It is priced reasonably. However, it may have some login or troubleshooting issues.

Shop 101 Reseller App

Shop 101 Reseller App promotes small home-based entrepreneurs and small scale businesses to sell online by creating an online store for them. The online store is created with the help of social media networking sites such as Facebook and WhatsApp, which enable business owners to sell directly through these platforms.

Shop 101 Reseller App

Also an e-commerce website, the app is a huge hit, especially among women. The reselling app has benefitted many home-based businesses and is popular because of its good margins on products, various cashback offers, and easy return policies.

Though, it does lack a proper customer support system and has caused problems for resellers while they send or receive payments.

ResellMall Reseller App

ResellMall Reseller app claims to be one of India’s finest growing reselling apps.It provides business opportunities to many individuals. This app enables sellers, buyers, traders, wholesalers and resellers to come on a common platform by providing a one-click solution to all their buying needs. It is a relatively new app when compared to others, but is winning hearts by providing a one-click solution for all your necessities and that also all across India.

ResellMall Reseller App

It comes with free shipping, secure and reliable logistics with nationwide shipping. Additionally, the app is known to make regular payments to its resellers every Saturday. There is a wallet and credit system in the app that makes it more reliable.

Where the app suffers is because of a slow server, lack of technical and customer support, less variety available on the app, and lack of features such as no option to see last orders.

TunTun Reselling app

Recently launched, this app deals in fashion and luxury items for females. It specialises in reselling Kurtis, suits, sarees, jewelry, lehengas, and bridal wear online. With the help of this app, women running boutiques at home can turn their home business into a profitable online business opportunity.

TunTun Reselling app

Buyers on this app are happy because they enjoy perks like weekly cash rewards, points and cash on delivery. It is a shopper-friendly app and offers an easy 7-day return policy. Promotions and marketing techniques are good here as they send regular notifications on emails, SMS, Whatsapp, and the app.

However, the app has received complaints regarding poor quality services.

Reseller Apps like Meesho to earn money in 2021

With the recession hitting hard at the country’s economy, reselling apps like Meesho come as a blessing in disguise to earn money in 2021. There is a lack of employment opportunities and regular layoffs are common in the private sector. Here, apps like Meesho can become a source of constant income for people. 

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