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Here’s Some Malware on the Apple App Store!

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When compared to Windows and Android, the app store for Apple is generally thought of as secure. Apple has better control and stricter curation mechanisms over the devices and store as well as software.

Naturally, the instances of malware has so far been lesser than what you get on Google Play. Surprisingly over the last weeks Apple store downloads too are being laced with malware.

Of late, Alex Kleber, reputed security research discovered exactly seven malware laced apps on the Mac Store. All these apps were made by different publishers as per App Store listing information.  However, Kleber these they were all from one single group belonging to China.

Malware on the Apple App Store 1

Here is a list of apps in question-

  1. PDF Reader used for Adobe PDF File
  2. Word Writer Pro
  3. Screen Recorder
  4. Webcam Expert
  5. Streaming Browser Video Player
  6. PDF Editor used for Adobe Files
  7. PDF Reader

Currently, Apple has ended up scrubbing such apps from it macOS Store. However, they will not get removed from the devices that you have already downloaded on. In case you have any of these listed apps on Mac, go ahead and hit the delete button now.

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Notably all of the apps rank on the top 100 most downloaded applications on the App Store in USA.

Experts believe that once these apps cleared the verifications, the versions were morphed and the hidden malware, activated. Naturally, all security checks were circumvented on the Play Store. Be on guard.

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Satarupa Bhattacharya
Satarupa Bhattacharya
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