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Great Indian Festival Sale on Amazon | Exclusive tips to Grab the Best deals for yourself and your loved ones 

Much awaited festive season of the year is around the corner on Amazon. And same as every year, this year also Amazon will start its festival sale on September 22 for prime members and on September 23 for every other member. Buyers are already waiting for exciting deals to start on Amazon and start their festival shopping there. So, here we come with some exclusive tips to get your hands on the best possible deals and ensure you don’t miss out on making the best profit out of them.

Get Amazon Prime Membership in case you don’t have

Prime membership already has certain privileges, such as better discounts, free delivery, and first arrival access to specific products. During the festival season when every eyeball is waiting to steal the deal, it becomes very important for you to get early access to every deal.

If you are not interested in long-term membership, you can go for a monthly membership plan, which begins at Rs. 179. Users can also check out telecom service providers, if it is providing Prime benefits, then usually all the important ones have postpaid plans.

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Prepare your list and plan in advance

No matter how much money you have, it’s always great to have a budget. It prevents you from making impulsive decisions while shopping and saves you from wasting money. For example- if you are planning to buy a phone then have your options ready beforehand, so that you don’t end up wasting your money on tempting trash.

Brim up the cash in Amazon Pay

When it comes to the last product left on sale then it’s obvious you do not want to miss out on it. Here comes the importance of the fastest way to pay on the e-commerce site. So don’t wait and load the balance in your Amazon Pay, today only. So as to get free of any OTP hassle.

Utilize the Amazon Notification feature

If you have not turned it on yet, then go to ‘Settings’ on the Amazon app and turn on the personalized notifications feature. It alerts the users about specific products they may wish to buy or may have searched for previously.

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Don’t miss out on ‘Grand Opening Deals’

Amazon has listed a section named ‘Grand Opening Deals’ (no details are available yet). Don’t miss out on them, as they will not last long and there are chances that they will offer a good deduction on newly launched items.

Search for branded products’ deals on Amazon

Some users may prefer to get deals from the brand’s site itself, but this festive season do not forget to check out that brand’s crazy deal on Amazon. Who knows you may get a heavy discount on Indian festival sales, that too with better assurance. 

Alexa could be your trusted friend while shopping

Users can ask Alexa to remind them about their wishlist items. Or Alexa can also notify you beforehand about any specific deal becoming available at the time of sale. 

Keep looking for ‘Crazy Offers’ every six hours

According to Amazon, this festive season there will be ‘crazy offers’ coming up every six hours. In short, keep checking on attractive discounts and offers every six hours and enjoy this festive season with extra savings. 

Save multiple payment options

Sometimes you get better deals on certain products only if you have a credit or debit card from a specific bank. Also, it gets very disappointing when you could not save extra just because you did not have money in a certain bank. So, have your money saved in multiple banks and save some extra bucks.

Don’t hang on till the last minute

Don’t wait to add products to your cart. The sale will begin on September 22 at midnight for Amazon prime members. So keep your cart ready beforehand, so that you can notice the price drop and decide for yourself. 

Keep Amazon Assistant ready on desktop 

This tip is for those users, who wish to shop from their PC or laptop. They should download the Amazon Assistant, it will enable regular notifications about exciting deals and discounts.

Wrap Up

As usual, Amazon is all set to bombard us with lots of attractive deals this festive season. Further, it’s obvious for anyone to get confused or overwhelmed with this many options around them. That’s when the above-mentioned tips can save you time and mental energy and help you grab the best discounts for yourself and your loved ones.

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Palak Sharma
Palak Sharma
I am Palak, born and brought up in Himachal Pradesh. An introvert by nature who loves writing more than speaking. I do it often to express myself, to entrain myself, and to feel meaningful. While enjoying this world of words I ended up being part of a published anthology 'Blooming skies' with my poem 'On the day of devastation'. I love this concept of written words living on a paper till the end of time, they give me a sense eternity.

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