After receiving much heat for banning 857 pornographic websites, the Indian government has made some changes and has imposed restrictions on the sites, which contain child pornographic content. On Tuesday, the government has asked the internet service providers to trace the sites containing child pornography and block them.

Child pornographic ban in India

People who support freedom of speech in the country have welcomed the decision of lifting the ban. However, the president of Internet Service Providers Association of India, Rajesh Chharia seems to be dismayed with government’s decision of punishing internet service providers if they find any child pornographic content. When interviewed by the media, he even said that how the government can vest the responsibility of finding child pornographic content on them. Yet, this is an interim decision and they would consider better policies after the hearing of the case.

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India Wants High Quality Porn Instead Of No Porn At All

 he government on last week ordered a blanket ban on 857 pornographic websites earning a huge criticism from different sectors all over the country, as they consider this to curb the rights of freedom in the country.

However, the decision of banning child pornography is not expected to enrage them as child pornography is considered as a heinous crime by one and all. While the government has adopted measures to ban child pornography, the Supreme Court is expected to take stricter measure by involving NGOs, child right activists and other organizations to protect children from getting filmed.