Windows 10 is making many people unhappy within just one week of its global release. Both users and privacy advocates are condemning the new desktop OS by Microsoft. The latest OS that comes with a lot of exciting features is making people worried about the way these tools work.

Windows 10 Raises Privacy Concerns with a Week of Its ReleaseIt was Wi-Fi Sense first that was shammed by users. This feature lets your friends get connected to your Wi-Fi network automatically. It is enabled by default and could share Wi-Fi credentials to anybody and everybody in your Facebook, Skype and Outlook contacts. Though the company says that everything happens over an encrypted network yet the users are concerned about the potential abuse that this feature can bring onto them.

Windows 10 has not left even the Solitaire alone. This game is now a freemium but ad-riddled version where video advertisements cannot be skipped. If you want to stay away from ads, you would have to pay $ 10 to Microsoft every month.

The digital voice assistant, Cortana, that Windows 10 features in quite a good application but the catch is that it gets its data from your text messages and emails as well as from the list of people you call, your phonebook and how often you get in touch with them through your computer.

 The feature Windows Update Delivery Optimisation, which is also enabled by default, uses your Internet data to update OS of other’s computers. This feature uploads parts of updates that you have downloaded earlier with users on your LAN and strangers on the Internet.

It seems if Microsoft does not take care of all these issues, it will be hard for the company to create a loyal customer base for its new OS.