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Google May Remove App Permissions List from Play Store

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When a user downloads an app on his device, he is first asked to accept some of the permissions to install the app. The Google Play Store added this feature to make the user aware of what data apps had access to. Also, it wanted users to know what they were doing with the data.

The data types include messages, location, and much more. However, as per XDA Developers, Google is now all set to remove the app permissions list from the Play Store. This would be done to focus on the newly launched “Data Safety” section.

Google Play Store introduced this ‘Data Safety” section back in April 2022. This section provides the users with all the info about how various apps use their other personal data. However, the new data safety section is taking a toll on some “crucial details from app listings.”

Additionally, Google also removed the ‘updated on’ section from its Play Store listings for some counted users this year in March.

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Google May Remove App Permissions List from Play Store 1

Overview of the updated app listings

As per some of the screenshots, the ‘Permission’ list is not visible in the updated listing. This means the users are barred from checking the permissions before installing any app.

Some reports suggest that the Permissions list is not as important as the Data Safety section. This is because the Permissions list does not brief about the required permissions. However, someone who has a fair knowledge and understanding of Android app permissions can still access the info. This could be done using the Aurora Store which is a FOSS Google Play Client.

As of now, there is no official statement from Google on why it is making these changes. As soon as the company releases an official statement, we will let you know.

Do share your thoughts with us on the matter through the comment section below.

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