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Google Includes ‘Kids Profile’ On Google TV

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With schools still closed, kids are spending extra time on screens. Big and small screens have received more attention than parents desire. Keeping an eye on kids’ screen activities has become tough. Monitoring kids is tough especially for working parents. Google has taken a step to help. They have now decided to add a Kids Profile’ on Google TV.

Possibly following on the lines of Netflix and Amazon Prime, Google TV will allow a separate login for kids to show them selective content. This will give parents the liberty to select shows and apps appropriate for their child.

Features of Kids Profile on Google TV

  • No spams
  • Kid-friendly recommendations
  • Daily watch schedule
  • Kids-friendly apps
  • Access to Google Play Family Library
  • Limited screen time
kids profile on Google TV 1

What Google says

Kids Profile on Google TV will also ensure that parents don’t receive spams regarding kids’ content and recommendations. It will allow parents to manage their kid’s screen time. Parents can set daily watch limits and a bedtime schedule.

“Your kids will be greeted with three countdown warning signs before a final ‘Time is up’ screen appears and ends their watch time,” Google TV product manager Saleh Altayyar wrote in a blog post.

“You will always have the choice to give some extra bonus time when it is not a school night.”

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Parents can also turn on profile lock to restrict the kids from switching profiles and watching adult content. The new feature by Google will enable parents to monitor kids’ activities and even set the time limit spent on their favourite apps. The profile will also comprise of recommendations from kid-friendly apps, similar to account for Google TV adults.

kids profile on Google TV 2

Users will also be able to share movies and TV shows that have already been purchased to the kid profile with Google Play Family Library. The feature allows parents to stop the kids viewing other profiles by setting a profile lock, which will require a PIN for access.

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The Kids Profile will be rolled out to the Chromecast with Google TV and other Google TV devices by the end of this month in the United States.

Stay tuned to know more Kids Profile on Google TV.

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