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Teach Kids Compassion: It’s the Learning Need of the Hour

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The fear of pandemic is still hovering on our health. Many things we once considered normal have now become chalk dust in the wind. Where friends and family once came to lounge and laugh, the place has now become a make-shift office and is being simultaneously used by the kids to attend virtual classes.

In these unprecedented times, creating an engaging learning space for the kids has been a challenge. We wnat to keep them productive but don’t know how.

And, we can’t stop but think about how to keep our kids mindful that there is still a whole world out there, even though they may not be able to experience it in the same way for some time. As we sail through these trying times, it is important to teach our children the gift of happiness — the gift of helping others, the gift of listening to someone else, the gift of being kind and such.

Teaching our kids to recognise when someone is troubled is a lesson that will stick with them for long. It is only through thoughtful guidance and example that children of all ages learn that by helping others, they help themselves. The added advantage of this learning is that it will have a direct impact on their self-confidence and sense of purpose.  So, here are a few ideas on how we can work with our children to inspire them to spread joy in their virtual schools and throughout the communities. 

Involve Your Kids

Playing board games as a family, reading story books, discussing topics other than the coronavirus, such as gardening, painting, art and craft can be useful strategies to keep them occupied. To empower them, sit down with your child and discuss the problems other children across your community are facing during these challenging times.

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Ask them what do they think they can do to make things better for those in need?

Listen carefully to their ideas because, just like yours, even their world has turned upside-down. 

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Send A Card

For children to show their respect and appreciation for their teachers, staff, and fellow classmates, what’s better than a hand-written card or even a heartfelt letter?Those little scribbles will instantly bring a smile on anyone’s face.

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This simple step will help kids practice their writing skills, present their thoughts in a clear manner and will also prove a great exercise for flexing their creative muscles.

Be Generous

The pandemic has had a serious impact on the livelihood of some. With salaries being cut, it is being extremely difficult for some to make their ends meet. If you know a parent, student, or even a colleague feeling the weight of these trying times, then you and your little ones should plan a thoughtful gift, a goodie basket may be, and drop it to their house.

The sense of purpose will not only bring a smile on someone’s face but will fill you with love and gratitude. Don’t forget the blessings you’ll get!

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Spread a Holiday Cheer

The holiday season is right around the corner. To bring in some fun element, you can initiate a neighbourhood toy drive to collect and donate toys. By doing this, you will be directly engaging your children by having them think about the likes and dislikes of other kids.

Pass on the Learning

If your child is in middle or high school and knows a friend struggling with remote learning or is having a hard time keeping up with virtual assignments, insist your kid to lend assistance either via FaceTime or outside with safe social distance.

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These little things will not only keep your children engaged, but will also make them more thoughtful about the feelings and sentiments of others around them.

Do write to us if you have or if you practice any other method/s to empower your child, especially during tough times like these. 

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