GE Coronavirus Detection Scanner in Phones Soon?

Ge coronavirus detecting sensor

The world is suffering amidst the growing COVID scare across the globe. The emerging concern has shifted scientists’ focus on harnessing smartphones to identify coronavirus particles on surfaces. Researchers at General Electric have received National Institutes of Health grant to develop GE Coronavirus detection scanner that can be rooted in mobiles to detect the presence of COVID-19 nano-particles on common touch points and open surfaces.

GE Coronavirus scanner will be designed to identify coronavirus particles on surfaces. The team working on the COVID scanner comprises the same detection capabilities as seen in analytical instruments found in scientific labs. They also claim that they can fine-tune the tiny widget to separate virus particles without meddling with the other elements.

Ge coronavirus detecting sensor 1

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RadislavPotyrailo, a principal scientist at GE Research said, “Our sensors are sort of like bloodhounds. “We train them to detect a specific thing, and they are able to do that well without being thrown off the trail by something else.”

 How will the GE Detection Scanner help?

The team of scientists and researchers at GE Research has dedicated to refining this fingertip-sized sensor in order to be able to place it inside smart devices, phones, smartwatches, and even wall-mounted gadgets. The scientists are still working on the GE Coronavirus scanner, however, they are not sure when this new technology would be made available in Apple and Android phones.

Ge coronavirus detecting sensor 2

The GE scanner will serve as an additional layer of protection against fatal viruses. With the new technology, the masterminds behind the scanner aim to provide the ability to scan for COVID virus or flu particles at grocery stores, ATMs, and even airports through our smartphones.

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GE Healthcare has been working rigorously towards developing new software tools to analyse medical imaging, laboratory, and clinical data to help predict which patients stand the greatest risk of developing severe respiratory distress, a key cause of mortality for COVID-19 patients.

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