YouTube Is Testing New Video Quality Controls

YouTube New Video Quality Controls

YouTube, world’s widely used online video-sharing platform, is reportedly testing new video quality controls that will help in automatically adjusting the playback resolution in accordance with the data-usage preferences. The new settings dropdown is currently being tested in beta version 15.45.32, and is said to include the following options:

  • Higher picture quality (more data usage)
  • Data saver
  • Advanced option to choose a specific resolution

Along with the aforementioned additions, it is also being reported that the YouTube video settings menu under testing will also clearly mention the current resolution of the video on top. Furthermore, “Quality for current video” is noted at the very top, while “Advanced” lets you access the previous menu. It will also present the users with the option to select different default settings for streaming videos using mobile data and Wi-Fi.  

YouTube New Video Quality Controls 1

However, it is still not clear if the aim of the restructuring is to overload users with a list of at least seven options. Also, people are being pushed to “Auto” for the “best experience” as determined by Google in the moment.

It is unclear at the moment if YouTube will be rolling this feature out to more users in the coming days. It’s also not apparent if this is meant to apply worldwide or will initially be regional.

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