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Five Ways to Repair Corrupted ZIP File in Windows 11 & 10

A ZIP folder can get corrupted due to several issues related to software and hardware. Whether the issue is major or minor, the ZIP folder will be considered corrupted for having header issues. It is easy to repair corrupted ZIP file in Windows 11 & 10 if you know the process. Learn how to repair a corrupted ZIP archive in Windows 10 & 11.

Fives methods to repair corrupted ZIP file in windows 11 & 10

I. Download the ZIP folder again

If you have downloaded a ZIP folder only to realize that the file is corrupted, it could have happened during the process of downloading itself. Try to download the same file from a different source if available. Otherwise, download from the same source.

If you have received the file via email, request the sender to set up a new ZIP folder from scratch and resend it again.

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2. Repair using DiskInternals ZIP Repair

There are several third-party ZIP repair tools available on the Internet. DiskInternals ZIP Repair is one such software that is available for free. Follow the process given below to extract content from a corrupted ZIP file:

  • Visit the DiskInternals ZIP Repair official website
  • Hit the Try it Free button
  • Open the Downloads tab in your browser
  • Click on the file zip_repair.exe to open the setup wizard
  • Click Next followed by I Agree options as and when prompted on the wizard
  • Click on Browse to select a folder for the tool and then choose a directory followed by pressing the Next button
  • Click on the Install button

It is time now to fix the ZIP file:

  • Open the DiskInternals ZIP Repair tool
  • Choose Next on the ZIP Repair window
  • Click on Browse to choose the damaged ZIP folder and hit the Open option
  • Click on the Browse option for the Repaired file option to select a folder to save the file
  • Hit Save to choose the selected folder
  • Click on Next again
  • Select the checkbox besides Open the archive after the wizard is closed 
  • Click on the Finish button

3. Using WinZip’s Command Utility

Some users found success in fixing invalid ZIP files using this option. WinZip, which is an extraction tool for Windows, has an additional command-line tool add-on. ZIP files can be fixed by using a Command Prompt command.

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However, it is to be noted that it is not a free tool. It is available for $29.95 or its equivalent for sale. You may use the trial version of this software for 21 days. Here is how to fix the damaged ZIP archive with the command-line tool:

  • Visit the WinZip official website if you do not have it installed
  • Hit the Download WinZip Now button
  • Open the Downloads tab in your browser
  • Click on the file winzip27-downwz.exe to open the setup wizard
  • Choose Next followed by Agree as promoted in the setup wizard window to install the software
  • Download WinZip Command Line Support from the same website
  • Depending on the Windows OS download either the 32-bit o 64-bit file 
  • Open the Downloads tab in your browser again to download the installer
  • To install the tool, click Next thrice as and when prompted

Once the WinZip, as well as the Command Line Support tool, are installed follow the given process:

  • Press Win+S, write cmd in the search bar, and then click on the Command Prompt app
  • Open the folder containing the corrupted ZIP by entering a change directory command such as cd\folder 1\folder 2\folder 3 in the app
  • Enter the ZIP folder repair command- “C:\Program Files\WinZip\wzzip” -yf zipfile.zip
  • Replace ‘zipfile’ in that command with the name of the real corrupted ZIP folder
  • Hit Return to execute the ZIP folder repair command
  • Press any key to initiate the archive repair if you are using the trial version since it would have an additional notice for evaluation
  • Open the folder containing the damaged ZIP, which will now have the repaired ZIP folder.

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4. Repair with WinRAR

This is another extraction tool that can be used to repair invalid ZIP folders. WinRAR comes with a built-in Repair option that you can choose to fix the ZIP files. This is not free either but you can use its trial version for 40 days straight. Here is how it can be used:

  • Visit the WinRAR official website if you do not have it installed already
  • Hit the blue Download WinRAR button
  • Press the second Download WinRAR option as well
  • Open the Downloads tab in your browser
  • Click on the file winrar-x64-611.exe to open the setup wizard
  • Choose Install on the setup wizard window
  • Open the software but if you cannot find it easily, search for it in the search utility box and launch it from there

It’s is time to fix the corrupted ZIP file now:

  • Navigate to the location of the corrupted file by clicking on WinRAR’s folders
  • You can also input the path of the folder directly in the address bar
  • Choose the corrupted folder
  • Hit the Tools menu
  • Click on the Repair archive option from the drop-down
  • Select Browse in the Repairing window
  • Select a directory to keep the repaired ZIP folder and press Select Folder
  • Press the radio button saying Treat the corrupt archive as ZIP if it is not selected already
  • Click OK to repair the invalid file

5. Using the ZIP Repair Online Utility

Many online tools can assist in repairing corrupted ZIP folders and RentASoft’s ZIP Repair is one of the best. You get get a corrupted file fixed for $3.50 if none of the previous options seem to work for you. Here is how to use the tool.

  • Visit the official website of Zip Repair
  • Choose Start Your Repair to initiate the tool
  • Select Choose file and upload the corrupted folder
  • Click Open
  • Feed your email address in the box
  • Hit the Send button
  • You will receive a notification about the recovered folder
  • Press the Buy Now option if you are satisfied with the report and ready to pay
  • Download the repaired folder by selecting the download option

Now that you know how to repair a corrupted ZIP archive in Windows 10 & 11, you need not worry every time your Windows PC alert you with an error message in the line of ‘can’t open the folder’, ‘file inaccessible’, ‘can’t access the files’, ‘the archive is invalid or corrupted’, etc. If you still cannot figure out how to repair corrupted ZIP file in Windows 11 & 10, write to us in the comment section below.

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