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Find Out How To Send Apps via Bluetooth – Its Easy Easy!

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If someone were to describe the future of technology in one word it would be ‘wireless’. Most of our devices have Bluetooth, which makes sharing most types of files a breeze. But do you know how to send apps via Bluetooth? It may seem simple, but it could be tricky given it requires some apps and some tweaking in the file type to send apps via Bluetooth from one device to another. 

Sharing apps via Bluetooth has its own advantages. Most important of it is the fact that it does not require any WiFi or any other type of data connectivity. So, in case you want to download an app that you find mighty interesting on your friend’s phone, Bluetooth can come to the rescue.

How to send apps via Bluetooth?

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Bluetooth file transfer is made possible by FTP, file transfer protocol and OPP (object push profile). One thing to remember is that this type of transfer is possible between Android devices. In order to transfer content, to and from all devices, root access to the phone is required. If root access is not granted, content can be moved between similar devices only. Some of the Bluetooth sharing apps compress your files for transfer.

Which apps can be used to transfer apps via Bluetooth?

Let us begin with Bluetooth sharing apps on iOS. One of the most popular apps for Bluetooth file transfer is Bluetooth FIleshare. It lets you take your files anywhere and lets you share files between devices having Bluetooth Fileshare. It is a paid app and lets you transfer almost all types of file extensions. 

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If you want to add a little fun to Bluetooth file sharing, then you must try Bump. To use this you need to have Bump installed in both the devices between the transfer has to take place. What’s the fun part, you ask? Both parties have to hold their devices, bump their hands and that’s when the connection between the phones begins. Now you can transfer contacts, pictures and send apps via Bluetooth.

You can also transfer apps between two devices without using any apps. You can simply go to your Bluetooth settings, look for the device you are transferring the app to and select it. Thereafter, you click on the files that need to be sent to the device. Any app that is transferred via Bluetooth will be found under apk under the ‘Files’ folder in the phone.

Isn’t transferring apps via Bluetooth so easy? Though, many can argue that all apps can be downloaded online, but what would you do if you need an app urgently but do not have data connection or your WiFi is not working?

These tips will surely come in handy then! Till then, keep reading for more such tech tips!

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