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Features of Wings Phantom Gaming True Wireless Earbuds

Wings Phantom gaming true wireless earbuds offer excellent features at a budget price of Rs. 2499. It comes with a dedicated gaming mode, great light effect, awesome build quality, etc. We would be discussing the features of this product in the article.

Features of Wings Phantom Gaming True Wireless Earbuds


This product is designed keeping specifically a gamer in mind to offer an enchanting gaming experience. For the perfect audio-to-video sync, low latency is an important factor for the earbuds meant for gaming. This earbud gives a low latency of 65ms or below. Thus, you can expect perfect sync along with the audio output of better quality.

Dedicated Gaming Mode

wings phantom gaming true wireless earbuds

As expected of TWS gaming earbuds, this device also has a dedicated gaming mode. Thus, you can get low latency with high-quality audio when you turn on the gaming mode. You can use it normally for everything else without turning on the gaming mode.

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12mm Powerful Titanium Coated Drivers

To provide an immersive sound quality in both gaming and normal mode, it is equipped with 12mm drivers. These are coated with Titanium to offer more durability.

HD Bass Sound Effects

The HD bass, treble, vocals, and equalizer are all quite good. You get crystal clear audio due to the titanium-coated drivers. Each gunshot sounds as realistic and accurate as it can be. The sound effect of the HD bass is enhanced with HD audio.

3-Hole Unique MEMS Technology

The in-built Silicone pressure-sensitive mic makes any call to be of high audio quality. The device is made more unique with 3-hole MEMS technology. The holes are to be found at the stem of each earbud thereby giving a clear call quality during the game. It helps to isolate the external noise to enhance the audio to deliver a great chatting experience.

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Dual Mode  

wings phantom gaming true wireless earbuds 2

The dual-mode is an excellent technology. With this feature, you can pair both the earbuds with a single device or use each earbud for different devices at different times. For instance, the stereo mode can be used to pair both the earbuds with a single device and the mono mode can be set to use each earbud with a single device. This also helps to save battery. While an earbud is being used in mono mode the other one can get a full charge.

Up To 6-Hours Playback

Each earbud can last up to 6 hours which can further be increased with the help of the charging case. There is a LED flash, which indicates the level of charge left in the earbuds. The charging case also has a LED indicator.

IPX5 Waterproof

The device has iPX5 waterproof ratings and even the charging case is unique. It does not only look attractive but is functional as well. It can be used as a mobile holder as well.

The Wings Phantom gaming true wireless earbuds is an easy 8 out of 10. There may be certain things that are not up to the mark. However, considering the price of the device is a great option to buy. Let us know in the comments below whether you would buy this device or look for alternatives?

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