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Experience Things Beyond Imagination with the Upcoming Wi-Fi 7

Wi-Fi products are expected to be available from mid-2023 and should see wider market adoption in late 2024 and beyond. It shall make multi-gigabyte Wi-Fi a reality as EHT or Extremely High Throughput would offer less interference, faster speeds, and better performance that online activities demand today.

Key features of Wi-Fi 7

  • 5x faster than Wi-Fi 6E
  • Maximum speed from 9.6 Gbps to 46 Gbps
  • 2x maximum bandwidth
  • 320 MHz high-capacity channels with 1.2 GHz spectrum in the 6 GHz band
  • Speed upto 5 Gbps for Wi-Fi 7 smartphones
  • 100x lower latency offering real-time responsiveness
  • 20% more data transmission along with 4K QAM modulations

Advantages and benefits of Wi-Fi 7

For businesses

Wi-Fi 7 is set to offer new opportunities and capabilities for businesses and improve the fundamental way they operate these days. Users would experience improvements in performance over shared office networks due to increased speed and enhanced bandwidth. New features like multi-access-point coordination and multi-link operation would also help greatly.

Wi-Fi shall allow AR and VR integration into the workplace. Thus, next-generation gadgets like contact lenses with AR-enhanced heads-up displays, goggles, AR-VR headsets, and IoT-enhanced smart office products could be used. Wi-Fi 7 shall further improve workplace automation technologies.

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For gamers

Wi-Fi 7 is going to improve the gaming experience a lot for today’s gamers. For starters, they would experience a massive 100x drop in latency thereby removing the lag issues that online gaming is affected with. Downloading can be done in a fraction of the time. The streamed content for cloud-based games would be clearer and faster.

New possibilities would open up for AR and VR gaming. Users would be able to stream and download ultra-high-definition content with real-time responsiveness seamlessly and quickly.

For home

All smart homes and connected homes shall experience great improvements. They would not face regular issues from competing traffic. Remote working and remote learning which became the new normal suffered a lot due to the slower Wi-Fi technology. For instance, data-intensive Zoom sessions and video streaming fight for bandwidth.

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You can bid adieu to frozen and glitchy video conference meetings. Moreover, with more channels and flexible utilization of these channels, users get a smoother experience for multiple devices at the same time. Thus, IoT smart home devices could be used seamlessly.

Smart home devices can be made more sophistically to do things that need more or high-speed data like uploading security feeds to the cloud without worrying about slow internet speed.

For entertainment 

Like everything else, Wi-Fi 7 is going to change how people consume media and entertainment. People can stream 4K and 8K content at once. They would enjoy crisper and smoother videos whenever they want in their houses.

The increased speed, improved bandwidth, and proper resource allocation shall help with easy streaming of UHD videos, gaming in VR, working on Zoom calls, hosting Twitch streams, and browsing the internet without glitches.

More excitement and benefits for people going for AR and VR content. People can immerse themselves in the virtual worlds with sensory technologies and lifelike responsiveness. Now is the time when people can experience entertainment, media, etc. beyond their imaginations.

With innovations like the MULTI-LINK OPERATION and PREAMBLE PUNCTURING, you can expect the unexpected.

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Dipanita Bhowmick
Dipanita Bhowmick
Dipanita Bhowmick: I am a content writer with 13+ years of experience in various genres, allowing me to adapt my writing style to diverse topics and audiences. Alongside my passion for creating engaging content, I have a deep interest in esoteric knowledge, constantly exploring the mystical and unconventional realms for inspiration along with spiritual and personal growth.

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