Everything You Need To Know About Chrome Crash Issue With Android

Chrome Crash Issue With Android

You might have experienced your favourite apps crashing! Android users all across the world experienced random app crashes on Tuesday. Several useful apps, including Gmail, Google, and others were behaving erratically. Well, it was all because of Chrome crash issue with Android. The issue was a result of a system component called Android System WebView that enables Android apps display web content. Google has worked to fix this issue and has recommended users to use desktop interface until issues were resolved.

Google released version 89.0.4389.105 of Android System WebView that solves app crashing issues.According to The Verge, these app crashes started on March 22, Monday afternoon, and according to the Google Workspace Status Dashboard, the company acknowledged the issue on March 23. Google, in an official statement, said, “We are aware of an issue with WebView causing some apps on Android to crash for some users.”

 Users flooded social media with messages of app crashing. Some users even suggested removing the latest update to WebView resolve the Chrome crash issue with Android. In fact, Samsung used its official US support Twitter account to take the exact step

If you don’t want to remove the app, the next best thing to do is to uninstall WebView. To do so, head to the Google Play Store > My Apps & Games > Installed. Android System WebView should appear in this list of installed apps. Tap on it and click on uninstall. You should then reboot your Android device for the best results.

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Remember to reinstall the latest version of WebView once Google fixes the issue. It’s an important component that lets apps display web pages.

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To update Android WebView:

  • Navigate to the Play Store app
  • Now search for Android System WebView
  • Click on“Update”
  • Repeat the same steps for Google Chrome

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