It’s time for the new Nexus 5 to make its debut in the market. The Nexus aficionados are doing their best to give the device the best launch. Various updates have been made and the Nexus 10 is surely the most sought after gadget in town right now.


The Nexus 10 comes with a Super PLS screen that is so far the best display featured on any Android tablet. It comes with a high pixel resolution of 2560 x 1600pixels. The images look much sharper and more stunning.


Till date Nexus 10 is the speediest Android tablet. In fact it has the capacity to speed up with the Exynos 5250 processor. The screen responsiveness is sharp and the keyboard of the tablet is accurate. It is the first Android tab that accommodates the Cortex A -15 processor, Samsung Exynos 5250 with a Mali T-604 GPU.


Google Nexus 10 cannot be described as the iPad Killer but yes, it is surely a gadget with its own fan following. It can be categorised as one of the best release in the world of tablets till date. It has been priced low and expectations reveal it to be $399.00