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Enjoy Early Access to Defense Derby by Krafton on Google Play Store

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The maker of PUBG and BGMI franchises, Krafton, released a new game called Defense Derby in India. Launched last year, the mobile version is available for preview. This means it is available for ‘early access’ and shall remain so till 11th May 2023. Interested people can download Defense Derby from Google Play Store on their Android devices.


RisingWings has developed Defense Derby. It is an independent studio of Krafton. The company announced this title and its early access weeks after they released Road to Valor Empires. The same is developed by its subsidiary Dreamotion.

The company says that Defense Derby, which belongs to the Tower Defense genre, is a “strategy game” that offers gamers a “new level of fun with intense mind games and strong synergy effects among cards.” 

Four players get cards by scouting to form a deck in every round which is required to protect their castles from dangerous monsters. This goes on until just one player remains. The game is different from the widely popular battle royale-style BGMI and PUBG.

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Defense Derby 1

Availability and perks

Defense Derby is free for download and shall remain the same when the full version is launched by the company. To entice its Indian fans, Krafton said, “Exclusive gifts have been curated for the Indian audience, and players can win rewards worth Rs 700 through early access testing. The rewards include 2500 Crystals, 500 Gold, 500 Elixir, and 500 ManaStone.”

How to play?

Some changes have been made to the gameplay since its preview last year. There is a new system and mode added to the game. The game begins with offering two cards to the player from their chosen deck. They get an additional card if they kill a boss monster. For more strategic gameplay, units are allowed to merge during battles.

“Path of Guardian”, which is a step-by-step growth system, is added to the early access test version. This works as a milestone offering new rewards and goals to inspire gamers and enhance their enjoyable experience of the game.

The league progression and derby points determine the players’ advancement to the “Path of Guardian”. As rewards players can get outer appearances of the castle, Hero/Unit cards, and unlock content.

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‘Derby Free Fight- Mirror Match’, which is the event mode, can be played using the same deck. This allows the gamers to play and enjoy Derby without getting hindered by their deck. However, a great degree of strategy is involved as every player needs to play using the same deck.

Although Krafton’s most popular title is banned in India, the company keeps launching new games for PCs and smartphones for people based in this country. The company released The Callisto Protocol for PCs last year which is a horror-action game.

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