Upgraded your iPhone? Want to download trusted apps with good user reviews? Wondering how to choose iPhone app to meet your needs? Well, we all know that with millions of apps available in the Apple App store, it can be confusing to decide what are the best apps for iPhones. Through this article, we will help you pick the best apps for iPhones. Our collection of best Apps for iPhones consists of a range of activities, including photo editing, social networking, messaging, staying healthy, getting organized, and more.


With WFH becoming the ‘New Normal’, having a good task management app is a must. Any.DO is one of the widely used List-making and task-management app for iPhone. The app comprises a unique feature Any.do Moment, which that encourages users to review daily tasks. The app also has Geo location and is great for for jotting down tasks and goals.

 Download Any.DO app here.


Ads are obnoxious, and eat up a lot of time and data. To make mobile browsing easier and convenient, 1Blocker is one of the best Apps for iPhones promising flexible ad-blocking experience on the mobile Web. It is known to block privacy-compromising trackers, pop-over ads, and the like with iPhone ad blockers. And, this is a light weight app which automatically receives cloud updates to the built-in filters silently, so that you don’t need to do anything.  Download 1Blocker here.


Gmail is the most widely used communication tool for official purpose. Google’s email, just like Microsoft Outlook, allows account holders to read mail accounts from Hotmail, Yahoo, and others via IMAP. It makes it way easier and simple to deal with entire email database especially when compared to preinstalled Apple Mail app. Moreover, it is smooth and fast, and even gives you five seconds to undo sending.

Download Gmail here.

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Touted as one of the best Apps for iPhones, 1Password allows app users to tore various passwords, software licenses, and other sensitive information in a virtual vault. It is one of the one of the best password managers around, with great support on multiple platforms.

The iPhone best app has full support for Face ID and tight integration with Password Autofill. It also works with Touch ID, making it easy to access your passwords and data on the move.

Download 1 Password here.


Love podcasts? You’ll definitely love Downcast. The app has been designed with a great interface and some excellent features, including smart downloading options. This best iPhone app will be loved by those who want love to have a control over their podcast listening experience.

The app allows users to customize not only how often the podcast catcher checks for new episodes, but also where you are when it does, using geo-fencing. For instance, “Check for new episodes when I reach home.”

Download Downcast here.

Apple iMovie

Apple’s mobile video-editing app is the perfect tool with intuitive multi-touch gestures for converting those snaps and clips from your last vacation into watchable trailers. iMovie makes it easy to do a surprising amount with your media, including freeze-frame, filters, titles, trimming, and adding background music. And it is absolutely free.

Download Apple iMovie here.


The flexible iPhone and iPad app allows users to start private groups with family, friends, or co-workers and communicate in many different ways. An attractive alternative to Facebook Groups, you can start a simple chat and keep on adding people, setting up a group with an avatar, or using a QR code to join. Your group can even have its own notification sound, and turning a photo into a text meme is a snap.

Download GroupMe here


For those driven by the cryptocurrency craze, Coinbase is a must have best iPhone app. This full-featured and well-designed appis one of the best mobile cryptocurrency wallets and presents current rates, and even set up digital currency wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. You can use Touch ID or Face ID (on the iPhone X) to secure viewing of your account, and set price trigger alerts.

 Download Coinbase here.

Airbnb App

Amidst the COVID crises, it is better to book an Airbnb rather than staying in a  hotel. With the Airbnb app, travellers get the convenience of booking their stay, chatting directly with the host, getting exact directions, and even exploring fantasy accommodations like furnished tree houses, skylit rooms, etc. Hosts can vet potential boarders, manage their calendars, and promote their properties through the app.

Download Airbnb app here.


Who doesn’t love a great deal? Groupon is one of the best apps for iPhones that allows users to find the best nearby deals offering maximum discount and savings.  With this app, you can get discounts on goods, spas, things to do, restaurants, and getaways. You can also review other users’ comments on the on-going deals, and even check out super-cheap “door-buster” deals. You can book your favourite deals with Apple Pay!

Download the app here.


This best app for iPhone is a must for the messy lot out there! Dropbox app allows users to create, share and collaborate on your photos, docs, and videos anywhere.It has a simple interface, easy uploading, and swift syncing across all accounts.

With a dependable syncing program. Dropbox lets you store your files in the cloud and access them from anywhere you have a signal, fills that role nicely with a Dropbox iPhone app.

Download Dropbox app here.

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PEAR Personal Fitness Coach 

Stay in your best shape with the PEAR Personal Fitness Coach app. This app is all about eyes-free, hands-free audio coaching. The fitness app for iPhone offers a wide range of guided workout sessions for a variety of fitness levels and intensities that adapt based on your performance.

Users can check out choose from a wide selection of packages and coaches. The best part is that the app can be easily synced with different fitness trackers and devices, allowing you to keep track of your performance and share metrics with other fitness apps. 

 Download PEAR Personal Fitness Coach here.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Last but not the least, Kaspersky Safe Kids is indeed one of the best apps for iPhones 2021. The app allows users to implement parental control on iOS devices. The advantage is that there’s no limit on the number of devices or child profiles. The app offers unusually flexible control of device usage time, along with geofencing and an alert system.

 Download Kaspersky Safe Kids here.

We hope our list of best apps for iPhone will help you make the right choice. Do let us know of the useful iPhone apps that we have missed out of the list. We would be happy top include them in our list of best apps for iPhones 2021.