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Do you Want to How to Switch Off Phone When Touch is Not Working?

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Has your touch screen stopped working?

Are you wondering how to switch off phone when touch is not working? You’re at the right place! In this post, we have shared five useful tips that can help you get the desired result.

Different types of touchscreen issues

  • The touchscreen has issues and does not respond to any taps
  • The touchscreen responds incorrectly. For instance, you type ‘W’ and get a ‘Q.
  • Touchscreen freezes or hangs or lags
  • The touchscreen is damaged due to water or is broken

So, how to switch off phone when touch is not working?

Restart the device

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A reset may help you. All you need to do is turn off your Android device or tablet completely. To restart your device, follow the steps;

  • Long press the power button for a few seconds till the screen goes black.
  • After a few minutes, switch on the device again by pressing and holding the power   button.

Remove SIM and Memory card

In some cases, it could be a fault in the memory or SIM card. We recommend that you remove the SIM and the SD card from your device.

  • Press and hold the Power button to switch off the phone.
  • Next, remove the SIM and memory cards.
  • Switch on your device and check if the problem is solved.

Try Safe Mode

Boot your device into Safe Mode. It will help you understand if the touchscreen issue is due to any recently installed app.

To boot your device into Safe Mode, follow these steps.

  • Hold the power button for a few seconds till you see the Power options menu
  • Now, keep the Power Off pressed for long
  • You will see a message “Do you want to reboot into safe mode? This will disable all third-party applications you have installed. They will be restored when you reboot again.” 
  • Tap on the OK button.

If the touchscreen works fine after you entered the safe mode, it means that a recently downloaded app caused it. Once you identify the troublesome app, uninstall it.

Calibrate Touch screen with apps

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You can find several apps in the Play Store that helps calibrate your phone’s touch screen and improve its responsiveness and accuracy. These apps are effective especially when your touch screen is too slow to respond or responds inaccurately.

Type “touch screen calibration” in the search bar of the Play Store and it will show you a few results. Check the ratings and reviews before you download the apps.

Install an anti-virus application

If you can download apps even with the touch screen problem, then download and install anti-malware apps from the Play Store. Scan your device. This may fix all your problems.

Now that you know how to switch off phone when touch is not working, you know what you can do in case you face such an issue.

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