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All About The Tinder Safety Centre Launch

‘Swipe left to un-match or swipe right to match’. Does this ring a bell? Do you know what we are talking about? Yes, we are talking about an app that changed the way the youth of today choose to date. We are talking about Tinder, which came as a dating app that offers safety at its launch.

Launched on 12 September 2012, Tinder has become the go-to app for people who are looking for that special someone. Recently, Tinder also launched a safety center. 

Left for rejecting, Right for accepting?

Tinder launches safety centre 1

Swiping left or right now has become slang for accepting or rejecting someone. When two people swipe right on each other’s profiles, they are automatically matched with each other. The important thing to note here is that for two people to match, both of them have to swipe right on each other’s profile. If you don’t match with someone you swiped right on, it is because that person has probably swiped left on you. 

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How do you find someone on Tinder?

The first step is to create a profile. You have to write an interesting bio which includes information about you along with a couple of photos. Then you can set filters for your preferences. Like in what age group, gender, etc. would you like to date. So, when someone matches your criteria, they will start appearing on your app from where you can swipe right or left depending on your preferences.

Tinder also has a “super like” feature which allows you to highlight a profile that you find alluring.

But, what about the dangers of Tinder?

What was initially launched as a simple platform to find a partner for casual dating or for potential serious relationships, soon became a play area for predators. There are legitimate safety concerns surrounding the use of Tinder. One of the most famous cases which dragged Tinder’s name into the eye of the storm was the Gable Tostee case which received wild attention from the global media. Warren Wright and Gable Tostee apparently met on Tinder before she fell to her death in Gold Coast. 

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Tinder launches safety centre 2

The dangers of Tinder are not baseless. Teens and Pre-teens were being targeted by predators. People lying about their age is quite common and often also their pictures giveaway their location. 

To combat such issues, Tinder now only lets people above 18 years of age register for the app.

Tinder launches safety center

To make online dating a little safer, Tinder has launched a safety center. This in-app safety feature is designed by the Trust and Safety team of Tinder is aimed at making the user experience a little safer. In 2020, the safety center was launched along with a photo verification feature in countries like Germany, UK, etc. this year it has been launched in India. 

Tinder launches safety centre

The safety center is a dynamic feature of the app which essentially means it will be evolved and improved regularly with policies and resources being updated. For users in India, it will also include a list of organizations such as Pink Legal, One future Collective, etc. which will be able to offer help in case someone needs it. 

Online dating has become a way of life for the millennial but for sure, it comes with its own perils. To make it a bit safer for the users, Tinder has added a safety center which will be updated regularly with more tools and educational resources. 

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Shikha Jain
Shikha Jain
Shikha Jain is 34 years old. Mother to a daughter. Engineer by qualification but have been a writer for the last seven years.

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