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Dell Creates Concept Luna! Are you ready for it?

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Dell’s design team has come up with a new design concept- ‘Concept Luna’. To accelerate the circular economy and achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emission, Dell developed an easy to repair and recycle laptop.

Intel and Dell have developed Concept Luna together. The main aim of Concept Luna is to bring down the number of components used in PC-making. It is also used to disassemble the components of computer and laptop in an easier way.

How will Concept Luna benefit Dell

Undoubtedly, its commendable that how Dell’s engineers have put their efforts and thoughts into the laptop.

dell luna laptop 1

The Concept Luna will consume production costs and materials as compared to building an all-new system. PcMag affirms, Dell company has also thought of an idea to recycle used hardware into new systems. They will then sell those system at a very low price. Let’s say, Dell sold a brand-new Core i7 or Core i5 system. It will then use these systems into Corei5 equivalents.

Dell has claimed that Concept Luna is intended to address e-waste and climate change.  Dell engineers have considered every facet of the system in a careful manner.

Dell design strategist Drew Tosh says that Luna is a “front end concept “which is intended to resolve some major future issues everyone is trying to get ahead of. He also added that they are focused on reuse and recycle.

Concept Luna is a Great idea, but not if it’s made by Dell

This is what most of the people think. Dell has disappointed people several times as it doesn’t keep its promises. The anger could be seen in Dell’s customer care site.

One of the disappointed users of Dell said Dell should rename as- “Dell doesn’t care”.

As Dell has failed to keep its promises so it is said that though Concept Luna is a Great idea, but it’s bad if Dell has made it.

Concept Luna’s motherboard is behind its display

Having a motherboard behind the display is common for the detachable laptops. However, it is not a great idea for Concept Luna. This will not let laptop to cool down actively, so Dell must improve the system’s thermal.

Significance of Concept Luna

The concept is Dell’s attempt to make sustainable PCs. The laptop will be designed in such a way that users will not need any glue solvents after taking out the keyboard and replacing it.

Also, there will no use of screwdrivers to open or close the laptop. The laptop components will pop out after the easily removable keystones are taken out.

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