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The Best Oculus Meditation Apps in 2023

Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 serve a variety of purposes for users, including medication, mindfulness, and relaxation. If you did not know already, there are plenty of apps that you can use with these VR headsets to calm yourself and be relaxed. Check out the 6 best Oculus meditation apps to get to the zen mode.

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List of the best Oculus meditation apps



This meditation app can make you feel calmer and happier along with being more focused. There is a guided meditation that imparts more than 75 mindfulness teachings. The healing binaural audio is created by famous musicians.

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Head to the Oculus Store to try the demo version for free. If you choose to subscribe, it would cost you $ 4.99/month or $ 34.99 for lifetime access. The app has received several recognitions as the “Best VR Meditation App” by Men’s Health and VR Fitness Insider.

2. Maloka


In this app, you are presented with a unique island that belongs to you. Practice mindfulness via guided medication, get sound baths, and do mindful movements on the island to your heart’s content. The specialty of this app is that the island would grow and flourish into a beautiful and amazing oasis as you continue to practice more.

Maloka 1

This app is free at the Oculus Store. Maloka is created by popular wellness author-duo, Elizabeth Novogratz and Sukey Novogratz. They also wrote the book “Just Sit: A Meditation Guidebook for People Who Know They Should But Don’t” and founded “The Well Daily” newsletter.

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3. Nature Treks VR

Nature Treks VR

This app gives unique experiences to users. People can explore natural environments like tropical beaches, underwater oceans and even reaching for the stars. The “meditation lotus” helps with taking full control of your breathing as well. You can also choose to encounter various animals like giraffes, dolphins, elephants, and whales.

It is also possible to interact with the surroundings. For instance, you can snap and hold branches, and summon the birds or butterflies.

Nature Treks VR 1

The subscription is priced at $ 9.99 at the Oculus Store. You can even control the weather and time of the day in the app.

4. Alcove


Although this is a virtual home to host social activities and gathering with friends and family, there is a meditation feature to it as well. You can sit, relax and meditate peacefully in a room alone. The app would guide you to breathe properly. It looks and feels like a nice place to become calm.

Alcove 1

You can switch activities in this place from virtual traveling to meditation and vice-versa. This app is free on the Oculus Store but you can buy the ‘Add-ons’ or make ‘In-app purchases.

5. Liminal


This app lets you alter the state of your consciousness and mind to the option of your choosing from the four categories- ‘Energy’, ‘Calm’, ‘Awe’, and ‘Pain Relief’. Based on the research by psychologists and neuroscientists, the experiences have been developed to augment and induce cognitive and emotional states.

Liminal 1

If you want you can take part in interesting lab experiments as well which would help you unlock more content and earn credits. You can enjoy this app for free at Oculus Store.

6. Guided Meditation VR

Guided Meditation VR

There are over 30 hours of guided meditations available on this app. The meditations are for anxiety relief, depression healing, taking care of maternity issues, getting you to zen mode, improving resilience, and sound sleep. There are over 40 environments for you to explore and escape the mundane reality. The sessions in the virtual world shall make you stronger and calmer.

Guided Meditation VR 1

This app is specially made for Oculus Quest and seems to be a must-have app for mindfulness activities and meditations using the Oculus Quest. It is available for $ 14.99 on Oculus Store.

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Are you excited to try these Oculus meditation apps? Let us know in the comments section below which one you liked the most or you already use. We shall update the list if we found more meditation and mindfulness apps for Oculus Quest users. Till then you can choose any of these apps. Share this article with others if you want to bring peace and calm to the lives of fellow Oculus Quest users.

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