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ChatGPT has Everybody Talking to it as Soon as it was Launched by OpenAI

ChatGPT has Everybody Talking to it as Soon as it was Launched by OpenAI

OpenAI released ChatGPT on November 30. However, the artificial intelligence research firm said it could give problematic answers and exhibit biased behavior. OpenAI said it is “eager to collect user feedback to aid our ongoing work to improve this system”.

Details about ChatGPT

Generative Pre-Trained Transformer is the acronym for GPT and the ChatGPT is the latest in the AI series being developed by OpenAI. An earlier version was fine-tuned through conversations with people to develop the system.

Elon Musk tweeted before that it gave the system access to Twitter data and thus it learned from that too. However, Elon Musk is no longer a part of the OpenAI’s board and had paused the system’s access to Twitter data as well.

After a few days of introducing ChatGPT, OpenAI’s chief executive Sam Altman tweeted, “ChatGPT launched on Wednesday. Today it crossed 1 million users!”

The chat format lets the AI answer “follow-up questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises and reject inappropriate requests.” The chatbot has impressed most people who tried it. A journalist working with Mashable who used the chatbot confirmed that it is hard to provoke it into uttering offensive things.

Concerns over it

Some users wonder if ChatGPT could replace Google. Other people’s concern was if it is a job risk for journalists. Emily Bell of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism tweeted, “ChatGPT proves my greatest fears about AI and journalism – not that bona fide journalists will be replaced in their work – but that these capabilities will be used by bad actors to autogenerate the most astounding amount of misleading bilge, smothering reality”.

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Carly Kind of the Ada Lovelace Institute raised concern regarding a series of societal and ethical risks that AI systems such as ChatGPT and others can bring about. She said the AI might perpetuate misinformation, or “disrupt existing institutions and services – ChatGDT might be able to write a passable job application, school essay or grant application, for example”.

She also has questions about copyright infringement “and there are also privacy concerns, given that these systems often incorporate data that is unethically collected from internet users”. However, she is also hopeful that they could also offer “interesting and as-yet-unknown societal benefits”.

Company speaks

Sam Altman tweeted about AI saying that it has a “long way to go, and big ideas yet to discover. We will stumble along the way, and learn a lot from contact with reality. He added, “It will sometimes be messy. We will sometimes make really bad decisions, we will sometimes have moments of transcendent progress and value.”