Buy the Smallest Mobile Phone in India

smallest mobile phone in india

Today, electronic device manufacturers are churning out big sized, Android supporting smartphones at an extremely fast pace. Interestingly, amid these bulky phones, compact phones not only exist, but also get sold in huge numbers. Owing to their low price, better battery backup and simplicity, these small sized phones still prevail in the market.

The smallest mobile phone in India is said to be the size of an index finger, capable of snugly hiding in the jean’s pocket. Some buyers may be willing to compromise on futuristic technology just to get their hands on the smallest phone in the market as a matter of pride. For some, particularly the not-so-tech-savvy, having these small, manageable phones may be a matter of convenience. For others, it may be the utility and affordability that matters.

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In case you recently thought of owning a compact phone, take a look at our list of small size mobile phones in India with price.

Smallest Mobile Phones in India: Price and Features

  1. Kechaoda Single SIM Phone with Bluetooth – If you are looking for a low priced, compact phone with basic features, then the Kechaoda Single SIM phone is a great option to try. The features of this finger-sized phone include 32 MB RAM, 32 MB storage, four different languages to choose from, and a decent battery. It also comes with a Bluetooth dialler and a warranty of one year. This very small mobile phone’s price in India is Rs 860 for the golden variant as per Amazon.
  2. Lava A1 – This budget phone from Lava can be relied upon for calling purposes as it offers high sound quality and a talk time of 12 hours. In fact, the battery backup of this dual SIM phone is one of the best in this segment. It features a 0.3-megapixel camera, an expandable memory slot as well as a music player and is available on Amazon for Rs 931.
  3. Nokia 105 –The Nokia 105 with its strong and sturdy built, and enduring battery life lives up to the expectations associated with the phone manufacturer. It is a very small phone having a display of 1.8 inches and weighing only 165 grams. If you are looking for an easy to use phone from a reliable brand, buy this single SIM device on Amazon for Rs 1,158.
  4. Samsung Guru Plus –This budget offering from the brand is a treat for all small phone enthusiasts. The Samsung Guru Plus supports a range of features such as 8 hours talk time, storage of 1000 contacts, FM, conference call, call diversion, etc. The compact phone having a 1.5 inch display can be purchased from Amazon for Rs 1,449.
  5. Galaxy Star Electronics Mini Mobile Phone – One of the smallest mobile phones in India, the Galaxy Star is a really cool device that can be used as a spare phone. Priced at Rs 2,150 on Amazon, it has the capacity to support two 4G SIMs (not Jio as of now).Apart from that, the phone has a 0.66-inch display, great battery life, voice changing features, etc.
  6. Snexian Rock Car Shaped Flip Phone – This quirky dual SIM phone stands out because of its unique, car shaped design. It is a pretty small flip phone with features such as 32 MB internal storage that can be expanded, 48 hours standby time and a basic camera. Enabled with GPRS and Bluetooth, the Amazon price of this phone is Rs 1,299.
  7. Micromax X378 – This is another basic, small sized mobile phone in this range with a 1.77-inch screen display and 170 gm weight. Encompassing similar features viz. dual SIM, radio, 24 hours standby time, etc., the Micromax X378 comes for Rs 890 when purchased from Amazon.

If you are looking for the smallest mobile phones in India operating on Android, do check out the Zen Admire Shine and the Micromax Bharat 2 Plus. Both have a 4-inch display, run on Android Nougat and are available on Amazon for Rs 3,330 and Rs 3,500 respectively. The Swipe Elite Star (4-inch display, running on Android Marshmallow) and the Nuvo Alpha NS35 (3.5-inch display, running on Android Kitkat) are also worth considering. All these are entry level, budget phones with a price between Rs 2500 and Rs 3500 on Amazon.