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Virtual Assistant AI Device Alexa Turns 3 in India

As Alexa turns 3 today, nobody ever thought that the virtual assistant AI device could have had such a deep impact on the society. Puneesh Kumar, Country Leader for Alexa, Amazon India, in an interview with Gadgets 360, talked about how the demand for Amazon’svirtual assistant AI device has grown in India, and its future. He said, “Voice is the future.” Let’s see how Alexa has helped us in our daily lives and made it more convenient.

Advantages of Alexa: Learnings from Using Virtual Assistant AI Device

In the last three years, Alexa has learned how to carry over context from one query to the next, and to register follow-up questions without having you to repeat the word. You can ask Alexa to do more than one thing in the same request, and it will happily oblige. Here’s how it has helped us.

The Multi-lingual Virtual Assistant AI Device

Since its introduction to the Indian market, Amazon has introduced Hindi language support, and then Hinglish as well, in order to understand slang context. Since India is known for its diversification and has several languages spoken in the country, Alexa will soon have the ability to tell the news in 12 regional languages.

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Virtual Assistant AI Device Alexa

Amazon is also planning to launch a new Macmillan skill to help users learn English. It also offers access to the world’s largest collection of shayari in Urdu via the Rekhta skill. The virtual assistant AI device will even have hundreds of hours of audio entertainment narrated by celebrities and renowned storytellers from Audible Suno.

Alexa for Specially-Abled& Elderly

The smart devices and gadgets are designed specifically for assistive and adaptive use. They have the ability to connect with The Internet of Things, and can bring real independence and ease to many people’s lives.

Alexa with its ease of use and accessibility features has been helping people with rare genetic conditions and locomotive disorders in gaining some level of autonomy, some level of controlover their lives.Many use Alexa for listening to music, learning about the weather, and sometimes even ask the virtual assistant to read books. With Alexa in the house, closing the blinds, turning up the thermostat, and even switching on the television, all of this without moving, has become possible.

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Alexa for Kids

Last year in September, Alexa had introduced a new feature allowing parents the option of setting up voice profiles for their children in order to produce kid-friendly responses. The new, improved Alexa allows students to tap into educational resources, satisfy their curiosity and stay connected with friends and family. It is like a voice-driven Martian encyclopedia that lets anyone ask any question.

Alexa is also great at quizzes. It can be of great support, especially with both parents working, to help your child prepare for a quiz or test, and even brush up on important facts.

Alexa for Working Moms

Alexa has indeed become a bonafide member of many families across the globe. For working mothers, the virtual assistant AI device is a life saviour, it acts as a personal assistant.

Virtual Assistant AI Device Alexa 1

One of the top Alexa skills for working moms is the Bulletin Board feature.With the bulletin board feature, you can simply tell Alexa to leave a message for other members of your household.  It also has the calendar feature that allows working couples to connect all supported calendars to ensure no important dates are missed. It also creates a shopping list for you so that you can run errands without forgetting anything essential out of the list.

 Tell us how Alexa has made life easier for you. Let us know what you think of virtual assistant AI device. You can also sign in for our newsletter to get daily technology news delivered to your mailbox.

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