Zoom Video Communications Inc. has recently introduced new Zoom features designed to help information-technology leaders manage the health and safety of employees who are gradually returning to the physical office.

The new Zoom features will work with hardware designed for Zoom’s videoconferencing platform. One of the new Zoom features includes a remote receptionist who will greet employees arriving at a physical office. This will; surely make it easier for organizations to settle in employees who arrive at the physical office. A human receptionist, who is working remotely, will be able to guide the employees through a temperature check and other health and safety protocols, if needed.

Zoom has also introduced a new tool designed to monitor how many people are in a physical meeting room at the same time.

New Zoom Features 2

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According to Harry Moseley, Global Chief Information Officer of the San Jose, a California based company, “Both of those new tools could prove useful as companies remain focused on keeping employees healthy during the pandemic.” He further added, “In the post-pandemic era, work has changed forever and the new features could help bridge the gap between employees who will work in the office as Covid-19 lockdowns lift and those who will continue to work remotely.”

How will new Zoom features help?

The new Zoom feature will allow a receptionist to communicate with an employee via Zoom through a tablet placed in the physical office. The device was made for Zoom by communications technology company DTEN Inc. “People can walk up to the screen, see the friendly face, and have a video and audio interaction with the receptionist who could actually be anywhere,” Mr. Moseley said.

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Another tool designed by Zoom will enables lets managers and employees to see how many people are in a single room in real time. This will help in ensuring that the social distancing norms are being practiced and to make sure employees maintain safe distance at any given time within the office space. The Software integrated into a camera and audio device made by Norwegian company Neat can be placed underneath a videoconferencing screen in a physical meeting room. The software is designed to detect the outline of a person and counts the number of people in the room. The total number of attendees will be shown on a Zoom dashboard or on a display outside the physical meeting room.

 The current need is for IT leaders is to deploy collaboration tools that facilitate a combination of in-person and remote workers to ensure a smooth transition.

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