blackberry_assistant_interfaceBlackBerry is presently focusing on its own personal assistant dubbed as BlackBerry Personal Assistant in order to compete with Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri and Google Now. The new personal assistant is likely to be aimed towards keeping users productive, engaged, informed and organized throughout the day, offering useful information and helping them with queries.

The first glimpse of the upcoming BlackBerry Assistant was showcased by the company’s social media lead Donny Halliwell on Wednesday, July 16.

Halliwell has been quoted saying that “It is voice activated when I need it to be, and helps manage simple tasks on my device from searching my email and calendar, finding out what’s trending on Twitter, to sending trivia night invitations. The more I use it, the more it learns and adapts to me. The more I speak with it, the more tuned-in to my queries it gets.”

The upcoming BlackBerry Assistant is scheduled to be part of the company’s newly-unveiled BlackBerry Passport.

Halliwell further said that “Like a real-life personal assistant, the BlackBerry Assistant is in lockstep with what I need to do on my Passport, without being distracting or costly (resource-wise). I’m told there are a number of Easter eggs built-in as well, which I can’t wait to stumble across.”